I was gonna take a picture, but lost interest

I will eventually, but right now I’m not gonna.  I’m kinda tired and I would have to hunt the subjects of the photo down, so it’ll have to wait.

I was sitting at the dining room table this morning, ripping out my sis-in-law’s 2011 Christmas sock for the third time (I CANNOT count) and realized that I have one of a pair of socks pretty much everywhere.  Not because I’m sloppy, but because I lose interest after one sock.  I’m thinking maybe two different patterns with the same yarn.  That way it wouldn’t be so damned dull.  I might just give that a try.  Then, I could actually finish a pair for me to wear.  I wouldn’t do that for a gift, but for me?  I don’t care.  I knew someone that did that, but she didn’t even worry about the yarn being the same.  She just knit one sock and paired them any way she cared to.  There is something to be said for that kind of eccentricity.

The puppers and I went out for our Saturday walk at 7 something this morning and we had a good ole walk.  It was glorious and chilly. We have been spared the hideous weather that has struck so much of the Midwest and South/Southeast.  We have had our share the past three years, but this year I’m feeling for those poor people.  And, the loss of life has been awful.  Here’s hoping Spring gets her butt in gear and leaves everyone alone from now on.

Well, if you will excuse me.  I’m baking a spiced rum pound cake for my brother’s birthday this week.  He and my sis-in-law are coming over for dinner this evening.  We’re have Max’ Insta-Chicken with Italian peas and birthday cake.  Have a wonderful rest of your Saturday.

My soundtrack for today?  The Beatles and “Obladi Oblada”  Enjoy!

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3 Responses to I was gonna take a picture, but lost interest

  1. Joy says:

    Sorry about the sock – some projects just are that way, aren’t they?

    Should have been a nice morning for a walk – we actually had frost on the grass.

    Spiced rum pound cake sounds very interesting 😉

  2. margene says:

    Repeat after me…”There is no SSS. There is no SSS. It’s ALL knitting.” You can do it!
    Wish I could come for dinner! It sounds damn good!

  3. Emiko says:

    You know what’s been working for me? The two at a time sock knitting – when you’re done, you’re done! It takes a little longer and the cables are fidgety at times, but the end results is worth it 🙂

    That rum pound cake sounds delish! I’m instead stuffing my mouth with them girl scout cookies (yup, it’s that time of year).

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