Ten Minutes on Tuesday

So, here, we go. I have found that I can not take the time to do Carole’s Ten on Tuesday, even though I love it. It’s a wonderful fascinating exercise, but I can’t do it right now, so I always get frustrated. So, Cookie came up with this great idea. We were talking about the Ten on Tuesday idea being so great, but not very attainable for either one of us right now. I believe our Joan was included in the conversation and probably about 5 other people, but that is neither here nor there. I’ve been typing a minute and have 9 to go. No links, no pics, no soundtrack today. No time.

How ya been? I’m doing alright. It’s too hot right now. The flowers are all blooming at once and the grass is growing and I can’t breath (seasonal allergies, ya know). There was virtually no transition from winter to spring. And, it’s still spring until later today. Anyway, because I’m ornery and cranky right now, I bought a reel push mower this past weekend and ended up cutting my lawn. In March. That has not happened in my memory. Now, I’m wondering if winter will return about Labor Day. We’ll all find out together, but I do know the winter weather out west isn’t coming my way. It’s going north toward Iowa and Chicago and Wisconsin therebouts. How many closets would you need for that? 80’s to 40’s? I don’t have that much space. I haven’t even hauled out my spring/summer stuff yet. I can’t bear to. It’s still too early.

The pup and I have been walking quite a bit, but I can already tell he’s about done until it gets cool again.  He just can’t take the heat.  When I get a chance, I will take a picture of him and show you a comparison of two pics.  One when he was only two and now.  His little muzzle is getting all white.  I think he’s fine, but he’s getting older (like me) and he’s sleeping a bit more and a tad slower getting up.  He’s still ready to go for a walk any time and any where, but recovery isn’t quite as fast.  I think we’re about the same age physically right now.

I have been knitting.  A young couple from church just had their first baby.  A girl.  I felt a great need to knit a pair of baby socks, so that’s what I’m doing.  I’m about 2/3 done with the first one and I’ll be done in a few days.  By this weekend I’m hoping to have a picture for you.  They are beyond precious.

I have less than a minute (I keep hearing “The Minute Waltz” in my head), so I need to wrap this up.  Have a wonderful week.  I’ll be back if I get time before the weekend, but I will be back this weekend with a soundtrack and everything.  So until

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8 Responses to Ten Minutes on Tuesday

  1. zeneedle says:

    Well, it’s snowing here…about an inch covers the jonquils and crocus. We do expect warmth by the weekend. It wouldn’t be spring without snow, however. Breath, take the time you need and blog when you can. There really isn’t any need to keep a schedule and worry ourselves about something that should be fun. It’s always nice to hear from you!

  2. heideho says:

    Love that you’re writing. I need to do the same. I miss writing on my blog, but I never feel like I have anything interesting to say. Enjoy your lovely weather, it’s damp and dreary out this way. Cheers!

  3. Joy says:

    Apart from the snow (but then we’ve got just about the same weather), Margene put it very well – don’t forget to breathe – hugs!

  4. marianne says:

    You should be cooling down with the rain.. is it there yet? We cooled off at least 20 degrees.
    It is Spring here and has been, looking at everything.. it’s more like late April.
    Good for you with the reel mower! I got one last year and was able to use it all summer until the leaves started falling. I love it. I did keep the gas mower but only used it a couple of times, in the fall.
    You sure did pack a lot of info into those 10 minutes!
    Maybe, instead of time slowing down.. which it certainly has not, we are all slowing down. sigh.
    There’s snow in Arizona. How about that!

  5. Cookie says:

    Hai! 😀

    Are the socks done yet? Did you try eating local honey? What about garlic? I finished another pair of socks for our Joan and need to wind yarn for the next pair. I may have a sock knitting problem. Think there’s a 12 step for that?


  6. Emiko says:

    Oooh, I love seeing (and knitting) baby socks and shoes – they’re so quick! Look forward to seeing the ones you made 🙂 And man, send some of that warm weather over this way, spring is supposedly here but we’re still having some cold spells with snow showers thrown in here and there, I want SPRING!!! 🙂

  7. Sophanne says:

    I like how you sound in ten minutes. No blog apologies, no piffle, just a hey I’m here and doing this. It makes me know all is well. Also thanks for your note.

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