It Could Be Worse

My new credo. Thank you. It is profound. And, accurate. That’s my take on life for now. I’ll update as I change my mind.
I was on Ravelry and had to remind myself (again) that just because someone “stashes” yarn does not mean that they just went yarn shopping and are putting it on their page.  For a while there, Ms. Literal here thought that when someone put all these skeins of yarn on Ravelry that meant they got to go shopping and get a bunch of cool stuff.  So sad, really.

It was a long week.  By yesterday, I was fried.  My brother and BSIL came over for dinner last night and I made Italian Roast Beef (in the crockpot) and Texas caviar.  Because I could not find any decent rolls at the grocery store, I made them.  New recipe.  Killer rolls.  OMG!  They were so yummy.  It was a good solid dinner.  In the process, though, I managed to cut my left ring finger on the knuckle to the bone.  Because I do stupid stuff like this with some regularity I have mastered Laceration Care 101.  Still, I’m having a bit of trouble.  Knitting has been excruciatingly slow. but, I’m still knitting.  The baby sock is sitting for now, though.  I cannot knit that small with my limited range of motion.  Later this week I should be able to get back to it.  I am working on the Christmas socks for my BSIL.  After those are completed (please note the discipline here), I will cast on for Vittorio.  I ordered the Flower Shop Inferno Bling.  It has little sparklies in it.  I will regale you with all the pretty when I get closer.  I do NOT dare wind the yarn.  That would be my downfall.

I am suspending the Soundtrack of the Day for now.  I’m burned out on it and I find that I don’t post because I can’t think of anything new or cool, so I’m going to rest it for now.  I will probably do it again, but right now it’s too fiddley and tiresome for me.  Have a wonderful day.  I hope to see you again this week!!!!

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7 Responses to It Could Be Worse

  1. joyknits says:

    Oh Sweetie – SO sorry about the finger. Having recently been there, done that (though to a different left finger) I know what a PITA it is. Please heal quickly – lotsa hugs!!!

  2. Sophanne says:

    I hope you have some groovy cool band aids to make it a little better.

  3. Cookie says:

    & I’m finding out about this now why?!


    • knitwonpurltoo says:

      You mean the owie? Oh, dear. It was such a stupid thing to do and didn’t require stitches or anything, I didn’t even thing about it. We had way more important stuff to cover anyhow;-P Hugs, girlie.

      Comment: & I’m finding out about this now why?!


  4. zeneedle says:

    I too have become an expert in laceration care. My last pack of bandaid was used on a razor cut (a wound which is still bleeding a bit) that stopped my trip from a pedicure. Trying to accomplish something (more) after working many hours a day, is just asking too much of ourselves. It’s ok to relax, sip a cuppa (or something stronger) and just veg. Give yourself the gift of doing nothing.

  5. Ouch! Your poor finger. 😦 I can always wind yarn in to a ball for you.

  6. marianne says:

    YOW! and eGADS, to.the.bone.?!?!? gah. I’m hoping it’s much better now.
    Mmm, that dinner sounded good and those rolls? what a tease you are. recipe?
    also… whatever happened with the church cookbook? did you sell them to your readers and I missed out? because seriously, I would love to buy one if it’s still available! hmm?
    oh and that whole stash/ravelry bit? yeah. there was a time I thought the same thing, although some people DO put in the date when acquired.. but then there are those times when they DID just go on a shopping spreeeeeeee.

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