Been gone so very very long. So sad. Too bad. Who cares?

I know I’ve been AWOL for, like, ever. I even got a spam message from someone telling me my blog is “rife with spelling errors”. Seriously dude? I haven’t blogged in ages and I may be completely responsible for crap grammar, but my spelling is usually pretyg foof. hahahahahahaha

I have written posts whilst watering every damn night of the week.  We are in a death hold of a drought and it’s getting pretty frightening for the farmers.  I feel for these people.  My Mom grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin.  I remember stories.  The life of farming is harder than most and it’s largely because farmers are at the mercy of the climate.  I don’t think there’s anything that can be done this year.  The sweet corn was short and sweet.  Hopefully, the soy beans will do better.  I had to water my forsythia bush this week.  That beautiful huge bush has been here since before we moved in when I was a little kid.  I do not recall ever having to water that bush before.  I know we’re not alone.  It’s bad all across the mid-section of the country.  There are lawn watering warnings in Indiana, for pity sake.  I don’t think I have ever driven through Indiana and not seen green everywhere I looked.

I’ve also been knitting, but have no pictures today.  It’s been crazy busy and with the watering, I’ve been a bit short of time.  It’s not for lack of desire, but just lack of time. And, as our Cookie so aptly predicted, I got absolutely NO spinning done during the Tour de Fleece.  I’m not sure why I sign up every year.  It might merely be a sign of hope and optimism because reality never ever enters into the picture.

Had a Grover health scare this weekend.  Friday when I came home from work, I let the pup out to do his duty and he walked down the deck steps and sat down immediately.  I tried not to react, but it bothered me a bit.  I waited about 5 minutes and came back and he was where I had left him.  I walked outside and went over to him and he just wagged his tail.  I touched him and asked him if he wanted to come in and he walked to the steps and hesitated.  I gently lifted his butt and he got back into the house.  I fed him his dinner and he ate well, but I was shook.  After having a wee weep, I gave him a half a Rimadyl and he seemed to relax and sleep well through the night.  This morning we repeated the scenario.  He went off the deck and sat down.  I helped him back in and decided to try a walk.  If he hurt too badly, he would let me know.  We had a lovely little 15 minute walk and he did all his business.  We returned home and I fed him and let him decide if he was going to eat or not and I waited for the vet’s office to open.  By the time the office opened, Grover was off the deck and wandering around the yard looking for evil wicked baby bunnies and checking his domain.  I’m relieved, but baffled.  I did go to the vet’s office and chat with him and Grover has been started on Glucosamine/Chondroiton (sic) regimen.  Hopefully, whatever ailed him was in his digestive system and is now gone.  That’s as much thinking about it I’m willing to do.

So, now you’re up to snuff and it’s every bit as dull as you expected, but I am dependable if nothing else.   Have a wonderful Sunday.

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6 Responses to Been gone so very very long. So sad. Too bad. Who cares?

  1. Cookie says:

    They always get better when they know you’re calling vet. I hope he’s feeling better by now and that things hold steddy for a long while to come. I hope the drought ends soon. Drought years make everything harder and life is hard enough already.

  2. Joy says:

    No rain at home either 😦 but it’s happening up here. Wish I could bring some home with me.

    Hope Grover-pup is doing much better. Toby’s been on the glucosamine for a bit now and it seems to help.

  3. Rachel says:

    Don’t scare your mom like that, Grover!

    Did you get rain yesterday? We didn’t get much, but at least it took its time getting down. I’m surprised everyone isn’t under watering restrictions. I heard the Mississippi is currently cresting at something like 1.6 feet or something ridiculous.

  4. margene says:

    It’s always a concern when puppies change their routine. Moxie is old enough (14) that we watch him constantly for signs of a problem. We’re hot and dry, but nothing like your hot and dry. The spelling errors on your blog are most likely mine.

  5. Beth in STL says:

    I hope Grover is still feeling better. There’s always a low-grade worry when the furbabies get up there in age. Logan took a hard tumble jumping down from the couch last Friday; Maine Coons get pretty arthritic by 15. He limped a bit while walking to the food bowl, but it bothered me a lot more than it bothered him. Now I know to grab him and put him down on the floor myself whenever he gets ready. At least I don’t have to worry about him jumping down while I’m at work; he can’t get up on the couch by himself, poor old man.

    We had the most wonderful gently rainy day most of yesterday. Too bad it’s too late for the back yard; 90% of the grass is either brown-dead or dirt. I see a lot of grass seed in my future this fall. The cornfields at the front of the subdivision are pitiful, all the dried-up ears pointing down at the ground. I’m really missing our wet spring now. I hope it rained for you too.

  6. emicat says:

    Glad to hear Grover is okay. I’ve been worried about my Frank with his lack of appetite, but Scott reassures me it’s the heat. He’s been rather finicky though, so I’m wondering if he’s just tired of what I’m serving him. We can’t help but worry when you see little things that aren’t their usual.

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