Regularity is a matter of interpretation…….

I feel that I post with some regularity.  Granted, it’s not really regular regularity, but more of an interpretative regularity (see title).  So, with that being said, my regular postings are about once a week now.  I wish I could post more often and be urbane and clever and full of news, but I really can’t pull that off.  Plus, I don’t have all that much to talk about.  I work.  I clean.  I do dishes and laundry and I knit.  Pretty much like every one else I know (except for the knitting part).

So, here’s some knitting.  I have a dear friend is not able to knit, but appreciates the effort and skill of knitting.  She turned 50 this year and had a lovely birthday party to which I was honored to be invited.  I wanted to do something special for her, but understanding my limitations wanted it to be something I could actually produce.  I gave her the gift of a knitted hat in the color of her choice.  I picked Christina Hat (Ravelry) and found some lovely Malabrigo Rio in black and proceeded to realize that I am too damned old to knit black without some serious daylight.  So, that’s what I did.  I also plan to not offer to knit “any” color again.  It was totally my fault. I dropped stitches and it took days to find them.   Anyway, I will gift her the hat when I next see her, but here it is in all its glory.

The Malabrigo Rio is a fabulous yarn to knit with, so soft and bouncy, but it bleeds, FYI.  The Christina Hat is a kick to knit and I can recommend it to anyone who want a versatile winter hat.  I’m thrilled with the results and hope she will enjoy it.  I know she’ll look gorgeous in it.

Plus, I have wad o’ shawlette, Vittorio.  I haven’t washed and blocked him yet.  But, I do love him.

I promise a better picture when he’s fully blocked.  But, the Dyeabolical Yarn is so much fun!!!  The colors change constantly and the combinations are perfect for someone like me who loves color.  Hopefully, I can catch the tiny specks of “bling” when I get it blocked.  My younger niece (Lil’ Bit) is coming in this afternoon so I’m gonna be a bit occupied (yay! 2 weeks in row with my babies), so it may not be blocked very soon.  That, plus I have outside painting to do.  Have a wonderful Saturday evening and terrific Sunday all!!!!

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5 Responses to Regularity is a matter of interpretation…….

  1. Joy says:

    Vittorio looks yummy – can’t wait to see it all blocked! I right there with you on black yarn – it just takes way too much light to be able to do it 😉

  2. zeneedle says:

    Black yarn is out of my repertoire as of 1987 after my first, and last, black project (a huge sweater!). Your day is exactly like my day! We could be twins.;) Enjoy your family and have a good time getting out of your routine. You deserve it, my dear.

  3. Cookie says:

    I refuse to believe people actually blog. I think it’s some kind of internet myth or something.

    Wonderful knitting! I’m another one that’s given up on black yarn. If you want something black, we’ll dye it once the knitting is done.


  4. heideho says:

    My Dear, your knitting is divine and your friend will be simply enamoured with your gift. After seeing your lovely shawl I have a desire to cast one on as well… but time isn’t cooperating. Take care and scritch the critters for me.

  5. Emiko says:

    Oh I’m liking all them colors in your shawlette! Look forward to seeing the after blocking photos 🙂
    That hat is nice too – I need to really start looking into hat patterns for knitting, as the colder weather is around the corner (I hope).

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