A hail hale and harty hearty hello hello

I was given a very clever title idea by my brother last evening, but since we were having wine I can’t remember it. I would use the age card, but it wasn’t a factor.

I have been knitting, but am unable to show you anything because right now the majority of my knitting is for Christmas. Also, the Vittorio shawl has not been blocked due to Hurricane Tropical Storm Left-overs Isaac.  It’s been many years since we had a whatever you want to call it Gulf storm come up over us and sit.  I got 2.25″ over 3 days and I think my brother and BSIL got about 3.5″.   I am so relieved that the trees have been given the best watering of all.  Losing a tree is like losing an old friend.  Of course, now I have to cut the grass.  meh.

I have also been painting.  I have, it seems, a false image of my height.  I believed that I could stand on a 2-step stool and paint my entire shutter, but it appears I was more optimistic than accurate.  I had to go buy a step ladder, but knowing my terror of heights, I got a 4′ ladder.  It’s lightweight and sturdy and I do believe if it ever dries enough outside, I will be able to complete my shutters before winter sets in.  I might also be overly optimistic about that, too.

My soundtrack for today?  From Austin City Limits, 1978, Merle Haggard and “The Working Man Blues”

Happy Labor Day all!!!!!!!!!!!!

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4 Responses to A hail hale and harty hearty hello hello

  1. Joy says:

    And a happy (if decidedly steamy) Labor Day to you too! We ended up with 2.75″ here, all in a nice soaky form – I could imagine everything just giving a big sigh of relief as it fell 😉

  2. Cookie says:

    Thank goodness you’ve got a good new roof on the house, too!

  3. zeneedle says:

    We had a bit of rain, but I’m unsure of the source (other than the sky). 🙂
    How can the last summer weekend go by so quickly…it just isn’t fair! We spent the whole of it cleaning and reading for a months worth of guest.

  4. heideho says:

    Glad you got some rain. I admire your tenacity when it comes to home improvement chores. Our fence is falling down, our gutters are growing trees and our roof needs to be demossed, but we’ve not the time nor money to pay someone else to fix these problems, so the house is falling to pieces. I can’t wait to see the blocked shawl. Take care and give the critters all scritches and loves.

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