Now, where the hell have you been?

I have been chastised for not updating this blog. Things have been going fine. I’ve been painting (yes, still) and the house (outside only) is beginning to look pretty good. The inside is still a disaster, but we take what comfort we get in the good things. Right?
So, I’ve been knitting and Cookie suggested I show you the yarn I’ve been knitting with, but that would require me to take a picture and I haven’t done that yet, either.  But, I’m almost done with Christmas gift #1.  That thrills me no end, too.   I have even kept records of dates and stuff for Ravelry.  Of course, if I misplace the pattern again, all that will be gone.  I can’t post it on Ravelry because the giftee is an avid knitter/spinner.  I’m sure she’ll never guess it’s her.
Anyway, I will take some pictures soon and share them.  Also, I wanted to let you know that Grover, the Wonder Dog and Stinky McFartbutt are both doing well.  The horrible heat of summer is gone for now and they are enjoying the cooler temps as much as I am.  In fact, Stinky can now approach my lap when I’m knitting without me unceremoniously picking her up and dumping her on the rug.   Today the pup is at camp playing with the other furkidz and he’ll come home, eat dinner and veg the rest of the evening.  It’s funfunfun all the time at my house, but we are all well and content.

On the knitting front I am knitting a cardigan for myself.  It’s the World Series cardigan (I’ll link it when I get a picture of mine so far) in Kauni.  Mine is red and gray.  I have had this yarn for an eternity and decided I wasn’t going to knit the all-purpose Kauni cardigan that was so ubiquitous in the early 2000’s.  I like the pattern and am also enjoying the change of coloration as it grows, albeit ever so slowly.

So, that’s where I am right now.  I will come back soon.  I just forget how much I love doing this and how much fun it is to hear from ya’ll.   Have a wonderful evening.

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5 Responses to Now, where the hell have you been?

  1. Cookie says:

    Just tell them you were busy talking to me. That should keep most of them from nagging you about blogging. ;^)

  2. Joy says:

    Not throwing any stones, as I’ve been similarly blog-impaired, but good to see you pop up! Isn’t the cooler weather wonderful?

    Can’t wait to see photos of your sweater – glad everyone’s doing well – hugs!

  3. margene says:

    Blog ennui is going around, but the desire to connect disappears more slowly. I really miss you and many of my other friends who rarely blog or who have given up altogether. Let’s never loose our connection, even if we rarely blog. OK? xox

  4. heideho says:

    Welcome back, my friend! Blog vacations are epidemic right now. I love that you’re knitting yourself a cardigan and that the weather has cooled off for you folks in Middle Earth. Pictures are lovely to behold, but your writing paints images for us. Hugs to you and scritches to Esau Marie and Grover!

  5. Emiko says:

    Ooh, your cardi sounds beautiful – I love the effect that kauni yarn has on projects. I was supposed to have a cardigan made for myself by this time this year as a goal I made, but I guess things just didn’t work out this year. I guess there’s always next fall, eh? 🙂 My lap cat has returned, so I know the weather is starting to cool here too.

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