That’s my mother’s take on OMG. She never ever used the phrase “Oh, my god”  in her life. Her take on it was “My Word!!”. I like it. I always did like it. It expressed the same sentiment. For some reason the OMG phrase is beginning to bug me. Not because of the G part, but just because it’s such an over used phrase. Come on people, get a vocabulary. But, of course, I’m preaching to the choir. Most of my friends and family have excellent vocabularies, so never mind.

It’s been a perfectly beautiful weekend here in Middle Earth.  I awoke to 41 this morning and Grover, the Wonderdog, and I went for our morning walk in cool sunshine.  It was fabulous!  Yesterday was equally as lovely, but I went to a wedding in the afternoon.  By now, you all know how I roll and it’s on wobbly wheels.  I had run some errands in the morning and was having a tortilla, hummus, Kalamata olive wrap when I reread the wedding invitation and realized I had misread it and the wedding was at 2:00 and not 3:00.   Some very very bad words escaped my lips and I had to go into overdrive to get ready and out the door.  I wonder about myself sometimes, but then I remember my wobbly wheels and just continue on.  Mistakes and being goofy used to bother me no end, but anymore I embrace my goofiness with every fiber of my being.  Don’t fight who you are.   You won’t win.

So, this is for Cookie.

Well, actually, I don’t think our Cookie really cares, but she suggested that since I cannot show the Christmas present I just finished, I should show the yarn.  Such a clever idea surely would not come from me.  I still haven’t blocked Vittorio.  He’s unceremoniously wadded up on the bathroom shelf.  I look at him and think that I might need to get to the blocking and then something shiny catches my attention and away I go.

So, I sure hope ya’ll have had a good weekend.  I am trying to be a bit better about posting, but I can do better than I am.   So, here’s my soundtrack for the day.   A favorite of mine, Leo Kottke and a live version of another favorite of mine, “Pamela Brown”

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7 Responses to MW!

  1. Joy says:

    Such a beautiful weekend – 40 here this morning, which was a tad too brisk for coffee drinking on the deck. I’m right there with you on the over-use of OMG ;^)

  2. Sophanne says:

    The temps here in the ‘burg have been similar and for as much time as I spent whining about the heat, I’ve been doubling my gratitude of the cool and like GTWD, Liza girls been on the walk circuit

  3. Cookie says:

    You put what on a tortilla?! o.O

  4. zeneedle says:

    41? brrrrrr
    It was 66 today and I thought it a tad chilly. We might have 41 tonight and I’ll be wearing socks.
    Maybe if we wobble in different directions we’ll be able to walk down the street together and keep each other upright. 🙂

  5. heideho says:

    I seldom read invitations correctly. It’s a subconcious way to make life more exciting. Love the yarn balls, they look quite artistic. Cheers!

  6. marianne says:

    hah.. Cookie’s response.
    I put just about anything and everything on a tortilla, just such a great vehicle. yes? 😉

  7. marianne says:

    oh and thank you, for Leo. don’t hear enough of him or his tunes.

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