When last we chatted…….

I feel as though these little weekly visits are just catching up times, so I hope all is well with you. We’re all fine as rain here in Middle Earth. For those who care (and, I do) the Cardinals are playing the Giants in the NL playoffs and the game tonight will be carried on network TV as opposed to the last games that were shown on MLB or TBS, cutting those of us without cable or satellite out of the mix. Who says baseball isn’t all about greed? Really.  I just remember Kenny Boyer, Bob Gibson, Lou Brock and all the other great ball players that made being a kid in St. Louis a very special time.  Thanks, guys.

So, where was I?  Oh, yes.  Grover the Wonderdog is well.  He has taken it upon himself to keep the neighborhood children in check.  When they start yelling too loudly (and, we have one very troubling child who screams all the time), he booms out his bark and they quiet down and mosey on away from his house.   I find it endlessly amusing and praise him for his ability to protect his house from unruly playing children.  Truly the nemesis of any suburban neighborhood.

puppersHe looks ferocious, doesn’t he?  Well, kids, he’s just one of the crime fighters in my little household.  We also have the watchkitty, Ms. Stinky.

See how closely she watches?  Nothing gets past her……unless she’s asleep in her basement and when that happens I could drive a truck through the living room and she wouldn’t wake up.   I cannot express fully how safe and secure I feel with these two around.  No, honestly, I cannot express fully how safe and secure I feel.

I have been knitting and am making great headway on my second Christmas gift.  I so wish I could share these with you.  Right now.  Of course, then I would be screwed for Christmas so I guess that can’t happen.  Instead, I will share my World Series Sweater.

It’s more of a garnet graduating to a maroonish.  Hopefully, I can get a better pic soon.  It’s cloudy today and rainy.

So, stop by anytime.   We really should get together more often.  I will try, but until then, here’s the soundtrack for the day.  “I’m Going Home” by Ten Years After.

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6 Responses to When last we chatted…….

  1. heideho says:

    Your World Series Sweater is beautiful! What amazing critters you co-live with. I do so enjoy seeing and hearing about what you’re up to!.

  2. Joy says:

    Go Cards!!! Also not having cable/satellite, I could only listen to the game on the radio (archaic, non?), but what a 9th inning – wow! I remember some of the same class guys that you do. *Love* that Grover can shut the kids up – whatta pup. Some days I think cats are almost better watch animals than dogs, it’s just that they don’t sound an alarm. Can’t wait to see the sweater!

  3. marianne says:

    I’m playing catch-up and how wonderful to be treated with sweet Grover and Ms.Stinky both, and knowing they’re keeping you safe. 😉
    World Series Sweater! and I love the colours!

  4. Cookie says:

    They really are hard working and selfless…

  5. zeneedle says:

    Grover and Moxie would get along wonderfully! Grover could be the bass and Moxie the soprano! yip, yip
    Rooting for the Cards. Keep knitting that sweater…it could be the key to winning!!

  6. Emiko says:

    Aww, love the pictures of the babies. Sooo freaking adorable, they both are 🙂 I just knit several yards of icord for my brain hat. NOT fun, but the end result was worth it, and so will your sweater. I sooo wanted a cardi done for myself by this time this year… so bummed it didn’t work out for me (again). Someday, I will have one made to wear for the season, someday.

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