Grover the Wonderdog

Yes. He is still my bud. Stinky is fine. She will get her own post soon. I just can’t show my knitting, so I have to show you something. We went for a walk this morning at our park. We have a sweet little park with a path and swingsets and a pavilion for picnics. The bud and I love our little park. He picks up speed when he sees it.

groverthewonderdog12-2012That’s the boy on the path in his park.   Have you ever seen a happier face?  Of course, he won’t look at me when I take a picture.  He’ll be sitting there in front of me all cute and the minute he hears the shutter, he turns his head.  Trust me.  That’s a happy face.   Anyway, we had a good old walk and moseyed on home to feed Killer.  It appears the neighbors are feeding him again, so I waited until later in the afternoon to feed him again.  I want him to be strong and have a bit of fat on him for the colder weather that we may get someday, maybe.   It’s 73F outside right now.  I knit on my BSIL’s Christmas gift on the deck.  It was a beautiful day.  I also put another 4″ of water in the pond.  The fish are frolicking about like it’s June.  With the drought (we’re still in a bad one) and the warmer weather it doesn’t feel much like Christmas in Middle Earth right now.

Our book club met yesterday and it’s so nice to sit and talk to everyone.  My friend, P, asked me to join and I was honored.  We have so much trouble getting together (families and time and such), so this is one way we see each other regularly and I’m so glad.   Anyway, we had a nice time and the book we are reading this time is Stephen King’s “11-22-63”.  I like Stephen King, but I have an overactive imagination anyway, so it doesn’t take much to scare the patooty out of me, but I have been assured that this book is not “The Shining” or “The Stand”, so I’m good to go.  Have you read it?  We do tend to pick some interesting books.  We read “The Night Circus” by Erin Morganstern and everyone really enjoyed it.  It seems to be a Young Adult book, but I thought it was ageless.  Have you read that one?

Well, I need to get my laundry folded (big whoop), so I’ll leave you with The Kinks and “You Really Got Me”.   Have a good one!!!

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7 Responses to Grover the Wonderdog

  1. marianne says:

    I can tell that’s a Happy Grover face! (Blue was the same way with the camera)
    I hear ya, the temps! so very mild.
    I have read that particular King novel, and enjoyed it. I’ve not read the other.
    Have all your leaves fallen? I’m still working on them, and they still haven’t all fallen.

  2. Joy says:

    Great to see Grover – with Toby, you’re usually looking at the other end, as he doesn’t even wait for the click to turn & leave. Guess we’d best enjoy the mild weather while it lasts 😉

  3. heideho says:

    That is crazy warm weather for this time of year. We have had so much rain that even the native Washingtonions are starting to complain. Wish we could share it with you. Grover is just a big love bug.

  4. Sophanne says:

    Maybe Grover is afraid the camera will steal his soul. It’s too warm to where anything knitted here as well. I predicting there may be one day in February when I’ll be able to comfortably wear a knit heavier than lace. Fortunately with the limited number of well fitting sweaters, it won’t be hard to choose!

  5. Cookie says:

    Love that little face.

  6. zeneedle says:

    The Night Circus was one of my favorite books of the year. I don’t think I want to bother with King and his conspiracy theories…but ymmv.
    We had raging wind all weekend so no way for me to walk. Happy dogs and walks make the weekend a big nicer.
    Will winter ever come?

  7. Emiko says:

    Love that Grov! I’ve been curious about The Night Circus – may have to add that to my queue (which is just as long as my knitting queue on rav, haha)

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