Stinky McFartbutt, EM

Yes, my friends, it is Ms. Stinky’s turn and she will be the center of the post today.  In her middle age she has become even sillier,  and dearer.  She is 12 now and still acts like a vapid little cheerleader.  She adores Grover (to his consternation) and rubs under his drool at any opportunity.  That is really how she earned her nickname.  It seems that she feels no real need to clean her back, so it is in a constant state of dried drool yucks.  I have to brush her to get it out.  During a recent cold spell, I had pulled out a cotton blanket to wrap up in.  When I got up to do something she felt the need to investigate.

Stinky 3 12-2012Stinky 2 12-2012Stinky 12-2012As you can tell, she is completely invisible in the last picture.  I missed the shot where she surprised me, but I’m sure you get the idea.  Once she was done with the big surprise she wandered away, bored by the old blanket thing.  Life with a cat.  Her latest behavior is coming to bed in the middle of the night and laying on my pillow right above my head.  No clue, but it will change because she is a cat.  The thing is this.  With a cat, you can take pictures all the time.  They are endlessly entertaining.  Silly, but entertaining.

Killer is fine.  He looks good and is quite patient waiting for meals.   I try to make sure that he has food when he is next door.  I think they are feeding him, too, so I’ve cut back a bit.  I think he likes Stinky’s food better.

I will leave you with my soundtrack for the day.  “Santa Baby” by Eartha Kitt and a very interesting video.

Have a good one!!!!!

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4 Responses to Stinky McFartbutt, EM

  1. Cookie says:

    I’m sure she’s just checking to make sure you’re safe with that big thing wrapped around you. Does she talk to you when she’s sitting on your pillow? PK did that to me for a while there. I think I was the biggest of her kittens in some ways. xo

  2. Joy says:

    She’s such a pretty girl! I’m currently having my left arm washed as I type, and it tickles – our Maggie will wash anyone (especially Toby) who doesn’t get out of her way 😉

  3. margene says:

    Life with a cat is a little more interesting than life with a dog, although 14 yo Moxie gets rather silly. He slept at the top of the bed near my head and used the wall as a track to chase after cats all.night.long. jeeeezz
    Love Eartha and this song!

  4. Emiko says:

    Awww, loved this post 🙂 And yes, they sure make our lives interesting, don’t they? Frank usually sleeps by my feet (usually between both and leaning up against one of them. he only comes up onto the pillow when he’s ready to get the “feed me”routine going in the morning. Anything to get me up, haha

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