No. I haven’t finished raking.

Killer Dec 2012And, yes, that is a bowling ball to your left, his right, of Killer.  You see, years and years ago, my Mom got that green bowling ball as a gag gift.  Well, we put it on a stand and called it a gazing globe.  The squirrels find it endlessly entertaining to knock it off the stand, so it sits on the ground way too often.  And, I’m going to finish the raking after Christmas.  The pond needs cleaning, too, but I’ve been short on time (yet, I had time to take the picture so blogging is as important as brushing our teeth, right?).

Anyway, as you can tell, Killer is doing well.  He won’t let me get close enough to take a decent shot, but I think you can tell he is thriving.   He waits for me behind his bush next door and just looks at me.  It isn’t a pleading look.  He is demanding his food.  I am such a sucker.

My soundtrack for today?  Another Simon & Garfunkel.  “Kathy’s Song”.   Have a good one.

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4 Responses to No. I haven’t finished raking.

  1. Joy says:

    Sounds like Killer is getting you trained just to his liking. As far as the raking is concerned, it’s a waste of time until all the leaves are down anyway, non?

  2. margene says:

    They animals in our lives are better trainer of us that we are of them. Maybe you’ll get a good wind and the leaves will blow away.

  3. marianne says:

    I’m with you on getting the rest of the leaves after Christmas!
    Love the bowling ball! and Killer is indeed looking great! He may not feel comfortable enough to behave in a more gracious manner… yet. That day may come. In the meantime, it really isn’t a hardship feeding him, is it. You’re doing a good thing. He may be keeping your area clear of the rodents also. :^)

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