Pup update and dental work

Grover slipped on the icy deck Sunday morning and hurt his leg. He limped for two days and worried me a bit. Then, yesterday, I realized that he was playing me. Yes, he did hurt himself a bit, but by limping noticeably he got more attention and leg massages and hugs. Poor little Stinky isn’t smart enough to do that, but Grover? Oh, yes. You have to watch the breeds that are bred through the centuries to make their own decisions and problem-solve.  This morning he hopped out of bed and ran to the door.  Poor baby.

Our weather has been so strange this winter.  Sunday morning it was 26 and icy on the decks and sidewalks until about noon.  Then, it warmed up to the mid 40’s.  Monday it was 74.  Today, when the boy and I went out for our walk it was 63.  Tomorrow 40 and dropping.  Hello.  I was telling Margene this morning that when I was walking to the car to go to work I spied my Snowdrops.  I do love those little guys.  I have my Lenten Rose that blooms all winter, but the Snowdrops are my harbinger of Spring!!!

Now, for the dental work.  I have very good health and am blessed.  I have very bad teeth and have spent way more money and time than I ever wanted trying to keep them healthy and whole.  Well, I had an abscessed tooth before Christmas and suffered with it until after the first of January before getting medication.  I was on the medication for a good long time before seeing the dentist who told me I either needed a root canal or an oral surgeon to remove the offending tooth.  I opted for one more root canal.  I have had them before and they were never a big deal.  This time it was.  The dentist deadened my mouth and for 45 minutes  he drilled.  He gave up on one drill and tried another.  That one made smoke that came pouring out of my mouth.  None of it hurt, but boy, was it weird.  After he finished for the day, I went grocery shopping and finally made it home.  My mouth was numb until after 9:00 that night.  A total of 10 hours.  Then, the next day I was washing my face and it hurt to touch my right cheek (the root canal was on the right side).  I had a bruise.  I spent 4 days looking like a beat up chipmunk.  So very sad.  No.  It is epically sad.  Truly.

I wish you all a wonderful Tuesday.  If you can’t pull that off (Tuesday is the armpit of the week), then we’ll shoot for decent.  That’s my hope anyway.   Have a good one!!!

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6 Responses to Pup update and dental work

  1. Joy says:

    Poor Baby indeed – they sure can be con artists 😉 Sorry about all the bother with the root canal – hope that’s the end of it! Not sure the projected Wednesday temps qualify as decent – stay warm!

  2. margene says:

    Owww! I hate the thoughts of dental work and my teeth suck, too. I’m more concerned about the tone of your post. Tuesdays are the very worst day of the week and we’re in the dead of winter, but you sound quite disheartened and I’m worried about you. XOXO

  3. Cookie says:

    Thank goodness everyone is feeling better. Stay warm and keep your mouth shut. ;^)

  4. heideho says:

    Can I join with you to form a “Bad Teeth” club? My root canal from last week is still hurting, but I dread going back in to get it opened up again. I need to come up with $3,000 for my portion of the two crowns that I need to cover up two root canals now. If you don’t get better soon than go back in. Hugs to you, EM and Grover.

  5. Emiko says:

    Dental work sucks because your mouth is numb for half a day (or more in my case because they have to use gobloads to get mine numb) and costly. Ouch on the bruise on the face from the root canal, Glad to hear Grov didn’t hurt himself too bad (and smart boy in working in a massage, I can learn a few things from him).

  6. marianne says:

    Oh dear, sorry The Boy’s leg was hurt from his tumble, but oh what a sneaky fella he is! Of course, if I was getting massages/cuddles/etc etc.. I might would play it for a few extra days also. 😉
    Ugh. Dental work. Sorry it was such an ordeal… feeling better now?

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