I got nothin’

I wasn’t going to post because I really have nothing of interest to share. I’m sure my root canal (which is completed, yay) is not all that interesting. Oh, heck. It’s not interesting at all. Even to me.
What else? The days are getting longer. I notice now that when the boy and I are out in the morning, we get half of our walk in as day is breaking. Love it!!

I am a bit concerned about the bulbs. My bulbs are up about 3″. All of them. The tulips. The daffodils. Not the crocuses,  crocus’, croci.   They aren’t anywhere to be seen.  Such a confused Mother Nature.  It appears the Pissyfairy has been visiting her, too.  What with the bulb issue.  Our spring rains in February.  And, now, Winter Storm Nemo? I remember Captain Nemo from “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”, but in the popular culture Nemo is a cute clown fish from a Disney cartoon.   It’s an underwhelming undramatic title.  Of course, we could chat about the naming of every bloody storm that wanders through, but I’m tickled by the name WINTER STORM NEMO.  I sure hope Dorrie comes by, too.  Of course, I am not trivializing the damage this storm can cause after Hurricane Sandy.  Those poor folks still need our prayers.

See?  I told you I had nothin’.  I do hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  I plan on it myself.  Do some knittin’, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, et al.   Then, on Sunday I’m baking a King Cake.  I won’t eat much, but I love to bake and I’ll just take it into work.  It will disappear in a flash.  So, you have a wonderful weekend, all!!!

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3 Responses to I got nothin’

  1. Joy says:

    My poor confused bulbs are up too – even some buds already. It’s just nutz! I’m not so sure about King Cake, but would love some Paczki (pronounced PUNCH-key) except we’d have to drive too far to get them, and as far as I know, 6 is the fewest we can get, which is way too many 😉

  2. Cookie says:

    My paperwhites are blooming! :p

  3. margene says:

    I got nothin’, too. It seems I only read and never really get much done. It will be awhile before we have any bulbs showing up, but I do have tulips I bought at the grocery. You can be pissy if you want. What else is there!?

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