It’s been a weathery week here.


We’ve had WEATHER in Middle Earth.  Our WEATHER occupied the short attention spans of our media for the entire week.  It was great.  I feel so deprived having been raised thinking weather was just weather and we dealt with it.  I had no idea that WEATHER could be a news event.  Basically, what I learned was that no matter how much warning and how much hysteria is involved, St. Louisans cannot handled snow or ice or sleet.  I am not being mean.  St. Louisans are amazing.  They have a warmth and kindness that exceeds the norm and I’m proud to live here, but, and this is a BIG BUT (the 12 year old in me just giggled), people here cannot handle cold bad weather. Oh, heck.  People here can’t drive in rain.  So, on Thursday, when the skies opened up, St. Louis drivers fell apart.  It was entertaining and I got sent home from work because of it.  That gave me time to fold laundry, do dishes, feed the birds and knit.  Not a bad way to spend a cold wintery day.

I have knitting (see above), but am unable to show it.  It is special gift knitting for someone who often reads the blog, so I don’t want to spoil the gift by showing it.  Let me just say that once again, this is an act of pure love because I would adore owning this particular gift knit.

Since it’s been a WEATHER week, I don’t want to use up all my fascinating anecdotes about my life in just one post, so I’m going to leave you now with my soundtrack (I’ve missed them).

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5 Responses to It’s been a weathery week here.

  1. zeneedle says:

    The weather channel is now naming storms. It’s just the silliest thing. Everyone is SICK of winter, but it IS February folks. Give it a few weeks, although we have had snow on the ground since December and the piles are growing to the point we can’t fit anymore on top. Ah, the memories evoked by the BBs. Thanks!

  2. Joy says:

    Heck, we don’t even have to *have* snow to get the traffic messed up, all they have to do is utter the word! But yeah, overall it’s a pretty good area to live in. After the thaw/refreeze thing, Toby wasn’t even breaking through the crust this morning. Stay warm 🙂

  3. marianne says:

    Your snow, it’s Lovely! and yes, any weather is now turned into WEATHER (!!!), as opposed to a good ‘heads up’, behave accordingly. sigh.
    We didn’t get as much snow as you did but it sure was lovely watching it fall.
    Yay for Snow Days!

  4. Sophanne says:

    So, really you got a “2 hour early dismissal” without even being in school? How awesome is that?!

  5. heideho says:

    I envy your weather and wish that we could have a day or two of it to play in. The pictures look so bright and lovely. Some times, short confinements are welcome.

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