Whoa there, boy, sloooooow down!

My goodness gracious me. Where does the time go? I remember writing a post about silliness and then, everything went blank.  I awakened to find I had two weeks missing and, presumed, permanently gone.  I still go to work every day and walk the pup, but after that 12.5″ snowfall I sorta lost track.  I did take pictures of the snow, but since it’s ancient history, I don’t really care.  I am beginning to pick up the knitting again and I think I may have something to post, knitting-wise, soonish.

Now, the lure of the yardwork (I’m really trying to make it sound wonderful) is calling me.  My back yard looks like a disaster area.  I have had elderberries volunteering in my yard for many years and decided they had to go this year, but now, I am drawn to making elderberry wine.  Sounds like fun.  I have been told that elderberry syrup is good for the immune system, but if that’s the case, wouldn’t elderberry wine be good, too?   And, a whole lot more fun?

Anyway, all is well here in Middle Earth.   The sun is shining and it’s a balmy 49 right now.  Spring is here!   Have a good one.

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5 Responses to Whoa there, boy, sloooooow down!

  1. Joy says:

    Hey – good to see you 😉 It’s hit that time of year I simply can’t go outside without ending up with my fingers into some part of the garden – Happy Spring!

  2. zeneedle says:

    If you make elderberry wine I’ll come and help you drink it!

  3. heideho says:

    Hello and welcome back. Because you are cursed with the winter that won’t go away nobody will begrudge a little blogging hibernation. I’ve never seen an elderberry before, but my guess is that they can be found in an old-folks home…

  4. Cookie says:

    Yard work and snow are over rated. Is the wine done yet? ;^)

  5. Emiko says:

    I haven’t tried elderberry wine, but I have seen it – or how’s about an elderberry cordial? 🙂 I’ve recently made and take elderberry syrup and I like it! It kept the sickies at bay this past winter.

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