I’ve been laying low to avoid the Grammar Police

Plus, I have had to do my taxes because it appears tomorrow is the last day to file. Sometimes it pays to notice the date. Also, I have been taking multiple pictures. The spring has come with a vengence. Such vengence that I had to cut my grass yesterday. To be able to do that I had to get a spark plug, oil, gas and then cross my fingers that he’d start right up. Bless his lil heart. He started right up, and wow, was the grass thick. Almost choked the poor little mower out, but we persevered and got the job done. We’ll find out soon enough if the Grammar Police are interested in trite and tired cliches.
Now, for the picture intensive post. No knitting to show, but we had snow on Palm Sunday (3-22-13).

IMG_0710But, someone had her nose out of joint because she couldn’t join in the fun.

IMG_0711Still, the pup had a good time.

IMG_0712The, we had a major warm up and these happened.

IMG_0714IMG_0715IMG_0716IMG_0717IMG_0718All my yellow bulbs are out, but the pinks and reds are still forming.  All except for the Flowering Almond bush.  It’s beginning to pop open, but that picture didn’t turn out.  I’ll get a shot when it blooms.

So, that’s what I’ve been doing.  How ’bout you????   Have a good one and since we’re due a wet week, here’s my soundtrack for today.  “Buy for me the rain” by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.   Enjoy.

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5 Responses to I’ve been laying low to avoid the Grammar Police

  1. Joy says:

    Love Grover with the snow on his nose 🙂 and your flowers sure are purty. We haven’t had to cut the grass yet – only part of it’s even long enough, but imagine it will take off with the rain. Stay dry!

  2. zeneedle says:

    Our flowers have been trying like the devil to get alone this spring. Just as the fruit trees start to bloom we get a freeze. Spring is hard one. At least Grover is happy…Moxie not so much. He’s so over winter. (me too!)

  3. Beth in STC says:

    I love your flowers! Here in St. Chuck we’re still waiting to see if our tulips will bloom before the rabbits eat them. Grass should have been cut this weekend, but we need to change the mower blade first. Just couldn’t muster the darn to give yesterday.

    Snowy Grover made me smile–much needed on a Monday. Thanks!

  4. Cookie says:

    No wonder you were trying to get me off the phone. ;^)

  5. Emiko says:

    Good thing you noticed tax day being the next day and not the day after! 🙂 We’ve had awesome, unexpectedly higher than usual warmer temps, then dropping to near freezing the next – that’s temperamental spring for ya sometimes! Looks like you’re getting that kind of Spring over in middle earth too! And yay for photos of Grov and EM 🙂

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