Where are the Grammar Police when you need them?

I’m trying to stay out of trouble, but I want you all to know that it is categorically unfair that the mainstream media can use poor grammar and not get hauled in, but if a simple humble blogger uses improper grammar, she gets a ticket. It must truly be who (or, whom to cover my bases) you know.  I am speaking of the overused and exhausting phrase “went or gone missing”.  I have checked and it is, apparently, not improper grammar.  It is really annoying.  Just because they use it in the UK, does not mean we should use it.  You, or an item, are either missing or not missing.  You didn’t have to go missing.  You were and are missing.  thankyouverymuch

So, it’s Tuesday and I have nothing to offer but a pathetic rant that really should just go missing, so I’ll leave you with an all-time favorite of mine, Schoolhouse Rock and “Lolly get your Adverbs Here”.  Enjoy!

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5 Responses to Where are the Grammar Police when you need them?

  1. heideho says:

    I had a DVD of SchoolHouse Rock videos, but I loaned it to someone and never got it back.

  2. margene says:

    I’m relieved the grammar police are sleeping on the job as I’d be thrown in jail!! We’re half way through the week, friend!!! YAY!

  3. Beth in STC says:

    Ha! I loved Schoolhouse Rock! “Conjunction Junction”! “I hanker for a hunk ‘a cheese”!

    “Gone missing” reminds me of the CSI episode where I learned what a DFO was; if someone expired without any obvious reason, they “done fell over”. Both grate on the nerves. But then I get annoyed seeing my radio message thingy show the name of the song as “I’m Alright”.

  4. Cookie says:

    Can you talk to someone about the meaning of the word “gift”. It is not a verb, and I am tired of seeing it used as such. Oh, and I think it’s Thursday. ;^)

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