I got a royal decree today from the king.


Grover Christmas 2011This is an archive photo (fyi).

I was the breakfast lady for Room at the Inn this morning. That’s a program for the homeless that my church has been involved with for over 20 years. I’m grateful to be a part of it, but when I’m the breakfast lady for RAI, Grover does not get his morning walk. It’s hard enough for me to get up at 5:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning without getting up earlier to give his royal highness a walk. He was a bit miffed with me, but I was in a rush so I just ignored him. I came home and fixed breakfast and coffee and stuff and then changed and went to church. Well, that didn’t sit well, either.   When I finally got home from church, I had a bite of lunch and decided to give the walk a try.

You see, I cut my foot yesterday.  I was throwing away a broken glass and it slipped and went down on my right food on the big toe joint.  It cut to the bone and bled profusely.  It’s only an inch long so I was never in any danger, but it hurts.  I was worried about putting on shoes,  so the walk was questionable.  I got an older pair of walking shoes out and cut the big toe joint part so that my owie would have no pressure.  It worked.  Thankfully, his royal Grovership got his walk.  Heaven forbid we should disappoint his Mr. Spoiltrottentothenthdegree.

Now, spinning.  It hasn’t happened…………………………………………..yet.  I will.  I will.  I’m just putzing around and not accomplishing a thing.  In other words, it’s status quo here in Middle Earth.   I have been knitting.  I thought I was ready for the black contrast in The Plume, but I counted stitches and I was a pattern short.  I’m halfway through the final pattern before the color change.  I have also almost completed another pair of fingerless mitts.  I’ll post a pic when they are done.

I did start a sock with some String Theory yarn.   It’s good yarn because I have ripped it about 3 times and it’s still holding.   The pattern is Firenze.  I like them so far.

Gotta go finish laundry, and maybe spin a bit.  I know…..hahahahahahaha.  Have a good one!!!

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3 Responses to I got a royal decree today from the king.

  1. Joy says:

    The fur kidz DO have their expectations, don’t they 😉 SO sorry about the foot – hope it heals quickly! Of course, spindling doesn’t require any footwork (EG)

  2. margene says:

    Your poor toe. I hope you heal quickly and have no further problem. The only thing accomplished this weekend as laundry and grocery shopping. I have NO idea why time goes so quickly on the weekends. It is nye impossible to catch up with oneself.

  3. Cookie says:

    You NEVER tell me anything!

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