um, yeah.

Welcome to my little corner of the world. It is quiet here. No internet service at home. I have fired my previous provider and must wait for the new provider to come and wire me up. I have a zombie squirrel in a backyard tree that I can’t show you, so I’m bummed. I’m very worried it will hatch or whatever those things do and contaminate the other squirrels, but after that I’m not real sure what would happen. I doubt very much that the zombie squirrels could bite me and turn me into a zombie squirrel, but they might make Grover’s life more difficult than it already is. You see, we still have the devil-bunnies and my backyard is way too small for all that commotion.  Plus, the pup is getting on in years and I just don’t think he wants to be bothered by all that extra activity.

I have been knitting some but without the ability to upload photos, et al, I am unable to show my work.  Remember in math when you were a kid how you had to show your work?  All in all, little has changed here.  We are all well and unwired.  I have a home phone, a regular television and a cell phone.  It’s like I live in the dark ages, isn’t it?  I have missed the connection to online friends and my blog, and their blogs, but I have had extra time in which to do my chores.  It’s not like I’m catching up because those darned chores are never ending, but it’s very quiet and I’m about ready to get wired up again, but it’s not gonna happen until the first week of June, so until then, I will be checking in from the office sporadically (I still have to get my work done).  Have a great holiday weekend and I’ll check in again as soon as I am able.

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4 Responses to um, yeah.

  1. zeneedle says:

    It may be the dark ages, but staying off line is also the “in” thing. There’s a three day weekend ahead and I hope you have blue skies and sun shine, fun time and relaxing time to come!

  2. Bcky says:

    I see your zombie squirrels (ours have babies), a giant Monty python bunny and I raise you one wolf sized possum suitable for stuffing. This way we get excitement day AND night!

  3. Cookie says:

    I hope you’re making time for a little fun in there, too. Someone needs to have some fun and it certainly isn’t happening over here. :p

  4. joyknits says:

    Definitely have some fun – good way to use the time you’re not spending online. Hope it’s fixed soon, though. Hugs!

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