Now, what did I come in here for?

It’s been forever since I posted a real blog post.   There was the zombie squirrel issue which resolved itself without incident.  I was a bit disappointed, but, alas, nothing happened.  And,I have been knitting.

2013 Baby Cardi picIt’s the Zoom Baby Cardigan pattern from Ravelry.  I’m knitting it in Lion Brand Cashmere Merino somthing or other in the color Saffron.  I love it.  I am on the sleeves, but need dpns in a new size to complete them.  The sweater will be a gift as part of a shower-in-a-box in a month or so.

The three weeks I was without internet service at home were very very busy.  Not with great fun, but with yard work and housework.  It’s amazing how much more time one has when one doesn’t enjoy her internet at all.   I plan on attempting to manage my online time a bit better, but it feels good to be back.

I am also still without WiFi in my air.  I, being completely clueless, was informed that I must purchase a router to get the WiFi.  I had no idea.  When I was with the AT and T, they had a contraption called a Gateway that enabled both ethernet and WiFi.  My Pandora and movie streaming must wait for another day until I get the router.  I keep getting messages on my cell phone that I need to connect the phone in a WiFi area to update the cloud.  It’s even keeping track of how many weeks I’ve been without WiFi.  My phone is smarter than me.  Today, Grover (remember him?) and I are taking a drive to my chiropractor’s abode and giving her some Autumn Joy sedum and getting some ferns.  I’m tickled to death.  I have an area that gets virtually no sun.

We are all fine.  A bit over-allergeed, but fine.  Stinky tried to go out the door the other evening when I had opened it.  I put my foot in front of her and instead of jumping over it (I have had cats capable of that kind of quick thinking), she just cowered.  Thank heaven she’s dim.  She is completely incapable of caring for herself outside (or, in, for that matter).

Oh, I almost forgot.  Grover has a baby squirrel.  The little brat loves to taunt the pup.  It sits in the tree next to the deck and just chitters at him.  My beloved Grover doesn’t even notice the little thing.  Either that, or he is choosing to ignore the ill-behaved baby.  Does no one teach manners anymore??????

So, until real soon, I will leave you with my soundtrack.   Here it is “Missing You” by John Waite and Allison Krause.

Have a good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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3 Responses to Now, what did I come in here for?

  1. zeneedle says:

    It’s wonderful to know you’ll be back soon as you have been greatly missed. The neighbors cat escaped and we had to hunt her down, which was a scary prospect as you want to see her safe. And our Moxie is so deaf he would be oblivious to any childish distraction. Our animals are endlessly entertaining. XOXO

  2. Joy says:

    So glad you’re back – good luck with the router (that’s how we’ve got wi-fi as well). Toby mostly seems to ignore squirrels, it’s rabbits that get him excited 😉

  3. Beth in STC says:

    Well, at least you’re halfway there! I’m caught between hoping we can ditch the Deathstar soon and dreading having to deal with Charter. We’re just out of range for Socket, so we’ll have to decide on the lesser of the two Evil Empires. Either way, we probably will get a new wireless router soon as well. Our Gateway is over 10 years old. Maybe this will speed up your connection?

    We’ve tried to take Kira outside on the leash while the weather is nice. She goes along for about two minutes, then she’s ready to go back inside. Too bad; she used to go for 30-minute wanders around the neighborhood. After one bad scare, she isn’t adventurous anymore. Or else she’s getting old like the rest of us, and just doesn’t want to leave her pillow.

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