I either need a time management class

or, more time. There are so many things I want to do and I sign up for most of them and then, I’m scrambling to meet obligations that are fun, but a commitment, and then, well, I’m really busy. Now, I don’t want anyone to think that’s a complaint. It isn’t. I am grateful every blessed day that somebody wants to spend time with me. I’m ornery, independent, and discombobulated, but sincere.  My real problem is the things I NEED to do.  The chores.  The duties.  All that stuff.  I know what I really need!  I need staff.   Whew.  I’m so glad we got that settled.

So what’s new?  What’s new in Middle Earth is summer.  We are enjoying a warmish day in the mid-90’s and tomorrow it will be in the higher mid-90’s.  Grover and I are not amused, but will soldier on.   The other aspect of the weather is the bugs.  We aren’t the only ones with a plethora of bugs, are we?   How about poison ivy?  I have some beautiful patches in my back yard.  I just need to get out there to pull them.  If the plants get too big I have to use a weed-killer and with the big pup, I really hate doing that.  I also have a leak in my pond.  That means a really really big job of replacing the liner.  I will spare you the gory details and share the actual experience with you when I get that far.  Right now I am suffering from my decision to cut down the elderberries.  They have gotten too tall, and I can’t get to the berries, so they gotta go.  I was really looking forward to trying the wine.  I’ll hope that next year works out better.  Well, I gotta go now.  I think my Mom’s calling me.  See ya.

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2 Responses to I either need a time management class

  1. zeneedle says:

    I have the same problem, but no excuse as I don’t have a yard! Hope you have a little fun and relaxation scheduled. You deserve it, grrlfriend!

  2. heideho says:

    Hee, every time you post about elderberries I regress to a juvenile moment and picture a geriatric nudist colony. The pond liner replacing sounds like a task of epic proportions and I wish you luck with that endeavor. Scritches to Esau Marie and Grover. Stay cool.

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