Up and running

I have many gifts. Really. One of them is not computer hardware related. At all. I have had off and on internet connection for the past week. I had no connection for the three weeks prior. When I got the internet installed a week ago, I was thrilled. But, then, I tried to install a wireless router. It got sticky after that because I managed to disconnect the internet. I had a working modem, but no connection to the internet. How did I do that, you say? I have absolutely no bloody idea. I had to call my tech help people and have them walk me through the steps to get back on. Then, I didn’t think I had wireless connection, so I wasn’t using my wireless anythings until yesterday afternoon when my brother and sis-in-law came over for dinner.  It appears I had a connection all week, but not to my own modem because I hadn’t bothered to plug it in thinking I would need to completely reinstall it.   I would be depressed or defeated, but honestly, I am absolutely thrilled to be back in action.  Still, it is rather sad that I’m this clueless.   Willing to try, but clueless.

I had a good week.  Sure hope ya’ll did.  I had the test everyone over 50 should have.  I’m on the 3 year plan.  All went well, but the anesthesia plays heck with me, so I’m kinda tired and kinda off.  Ya know?  Not sick.  Not bad.  Just sorta off.  I’ll be fine in a few days.  It’s how I react, so I’m used to it now.  Still, I have been able to take some really bad pictures for the blog.  We have had a good deal of rain here in Middle Earth.  Like 2″ last night.  I got this picture yesterday of a Teal duck on top of a storm sewer near my house.  It’s a strange storm sewer because it sits about 10′ above the ground in the bottom of a catch basin.06-16-13I may have neglected to mention that you can’t see anything in the picture.  It’s my photography, remember?  I have another picture for you.  It’s of Stinky helping me install my new router.

06-16-13aAnd, finally, knitting proof.  I finished another pair of Ragtop Mitts.   A gift for a friend’s birthday.  I do love this Susan Lawrence pattern.06-13-13bMore Malabrigos Rio in a teal/greenish colorway.   A bit much for the 90F we are having here, but will be handy in the fall.

Have a good one.  I’m leaving you with my soundtrack for today.  A personal favorite.  This video is by the writer himself, Leonard Cohen.  Saw him in concert a couple of years ago and he puts on an amazing show.  Enjoy.

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4 Responses to Up and running

  1. Joy says:

    It frequently takes both of us to whip computer stuff into shape – H is mostly the hardware side, me on the software side. Looks like you get the same sort of feline assistance that we do 😉 Hang in there!

  2. zeneedle says:

    Happy to hear you were able to figure it out, even if it took extra hands to do so. I would be completely in the dark if the tech stuff was left up to me.
    I’m very fond of the Ragtop pattern, too. It’s warm and fits well!
    Leonard never was a favorite of mine, but over the years, he’s grown on me.

  3. heideho says:

    Love that the router box was repurposed into Starship Enterpurrs. I wouldn’t even own a computer if not for my DH. The mitts are gorgeous and you have exquisite hands.

  4. Cookie says:

    At least, you’re back now. That’s all that matters, right?

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