Hot Spot

Nope. Not that kind. This one is a Grover variety hot spot. It is a bacterial infection on dogs’ skin that itches like mad. And, my poor baby has it.

IMG_0720That isn’t the picture.  He moved.  This is his hot spot.

IMG_0721It’s discolored, but not bloody.  I’m thrilled about that.  Last year he had one that he worried until it bled.  I caught this one because that is his lower left jowl.  I was stroking him yesterday and found it.  Being horrified, but knowing what it was, I immediately gave him a B*nadr*l and washed it with cold water.  This morning he got another pill and some antibiotic cream.  This evening he has avoided me like the plague.  Apparently, I am a horrible monster bent on making him suffer with cold wash clothes and pills hidden in cheese.  Stinky is clueless, so not much is all that different.

At least you know what I’ve been doing the past two days.  Have a good one!!!!!

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2 Responses to Hot Spot

  1. Cookie says:

    Maybe if you hid the pill in some peanut butter…

  2. margene says:

    Can you imagine a fur coat in this weather!? Poor babe. Hopefully he’ll feel better and forget all about you being so cruel. Moxie is to the point he won’t let us touch him. If he doesn’t find the pills in his food we think it’s a good day.

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