I do so knit. You big mean.

Evidence. Really and truly I do have knitting to share (finally).  Here is the  “Zoom”ish baby cardigan for the Showerinabox.  I made some adjustments.

IMG_0733I do love this little thing.   All I need is a button and it’s on its way.  And, for another wee one in my world.  This is for MK who just came into the lives of some dear friends of mine.  She’s 16 months of sheer personality and joie de vivre!  IMG_0736The sweater is Lion Brand cashmere/merino and the bib is Dyeabolical cotton warp that is so soft and fun to knit with!  The bib needs a button, too.  This is for the shower/party we’re giving MK in August.  I want to knit this wee one a pumpkin hat for the fall, too.  But, currently, I am knitting on my Vanadium cardigan in Elann silk.  No picture yet.

Have a wonderful weekend!  And, here’s my soundtrack for today.
“Come Away to the Water” from Hunger Games and by Maroon 5.  This is haunting.

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2 Responses to I do so knit. You big mean.

  1. Joy says:

    So fun & bright – what a lucky little one! Enjoy the weekend!

  2. margene says:

    MK leads a very colorful life! Love the bebe sweater. So cute, and the color of red will be darling on a new little one. Go for a fun button, too. I had no idea you were knitting so much!

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