Um, so I haven’t really got much to talk about

Um. I do have a clogged kitchen sink. Everyone I tell about it seems unmoved. Like it’s not the biggest deal in the world. Seriously, people. It’s MY sink. It’s MY problem. Get on board, willya?  Not only is it inconvenient, it’s inconveniencing me.

Other than that, not so much.  It’s been warm (re: hotter than h*ll) and I cut the grass yesterday morning because I was hoping we’d get some rain.  Didn’t I just whine to ya’ll about the water overage we’d been getting?  I really thought that was just a couple of weeks ago, but the ground around my 40′ Colorado Blue Spruce is cracked.  I think I’m missing a few weeks or a month.  It is the last full week of July.  And, how did that happen?  My brother (who retired from teaching this past spring) was commenting about how, if he were still teaching, would be returning to school in 2 weeks.  I mentioned to him that the school year is not the climatological year and that we had at least 2 full months left in summer.  This is Middle Earth and we’re hot until October, at least.

Did I tell you that my Lil Bit is home?  I cannot tell you how happy that makes me.  I love my nieces so much that sometimes it hurts, but having her close is so precious to me.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Peanut can come home.  If they choose to leave later, than so be it.  My joy is now and I can still be an activeish part of their lives and I want to be as long as I am able.  I hope she can find joy and make a life for herself here.  I don’t want many more people coming to my hometown, but it’s a pretty great place to live unless you’re a football fan.

Part of my intense dullness is that I’m working bunches of extra time and by the time I get home late, I feed the pupper, myself and try to clean up before going to bed.  Not much fun, but I do have a job and that’s important.  I am also mentally dull as dirt, so that makes for poor blogging.  Another part of the problem could be the heat.  I am not a hot weather person.  I have disliked it since I was a little kid and had “hot hair”.    I perk up when it’s cooler.  That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

My soundtrack today?  Summer in St. Louis mid-60’s and AM radio.  The Beachboys.

Have a good one!!!!!!!

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2 Responses to Um, so I haven’t really got much to talk about

  1. Rachel says:

    I haven’t got much to talk about either, other than to agree that it is hot. I’d like a proper rain that cools everything off and not that 10 minutes of rain that just makes everything hotter.

  2. Joy says:

    Definitely hot, but most of the rain you’ve gotten has passed us by – noticed cracks in the yard yesterday, so we too could use a “proper” rain. Good luck with the sink – I guess you’ve tried all the simple things?

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