Frizzy headed thinking

It’s that time of year. It’s humid and hot and the head is a ball o’frizz. I loves me some August. That, and the car air-conditioner is not cooling and I flat out refuse to do anything about it until next spring. Ornery and frizzy.  Plus, I’ve been trying to do a few things before fall sets in.  In September, Middle Earth can be quite rainy so I finished painting my foundation walls (that I started last fall) and repaired, primed and painted my basement door.  I feel quite virtuous.  I only have one more job that has to be complete before the fall sets in with a vengence and that’s the pond.

I have been thinking about filling in the pond because it needs re-lining, but I love my pond and where would I put the eleventy fish that have propagated in there?   So, I bought a liner and will, hopefully, reline my pond next weekend.  It’s a disgusting job.  I have to get the fish out first and put them in a tub of pond water, and those little guys are quite fast.  Then, I have to muck it out.  It’s the best fertilizer water in the world, so it’s more time consuming because I use it to water my bushes and plants.   Then, the old liner comes out and the new liner gets laid down.  From there, it’s a piece of cake.  You fill the pond and wait 24 hours and then put the fish back.  On paper, it seems quite painless.  Yet, it’s so yucky that I dread it.  Plus, it’s stinky.  We all know what a frail little flower  wuss I am.  The great thing is that it’s supposed to be hotter than blazes this week, so it’s perfect weather for the job.

Cookie told me to take video of Stinky walking under Grover’s chin.  The reason she is called Stinky and the reason her back is permanently gross.  I thought hard about it, but fear the task will have to wait until I vacuum.  It’s gotten to that point in here where the fur has won once again and my trusty Or*ck super duper powerful vacuum must come out and wage war on the dust/fur/stuff.  I would love to have just the hardwood floors, but they are loud.  That, and they are too slick for the pup.  He requires area rugs where there are no larger floor rugs because he becomes afraid to walk.  I’ve tried and it just isn’t worth the effort of dealing with his angst.  I will get a video of Ms. Stinky rubbing under the boy’s chin as he lays on the floor, but not today.

I do have a picture, though.  I was here on Friday night with my dear friend, Tracy.  I still can’t hear out of my left ear and it’s ringing, but the whole thing was completely worth it.  We had a really good time.  You might want to click to make it bigger since it’s hard to tell here whether it’s animal, vegetable or mineral*.  Have a good one.

Keith Urban blue 8-23-13*That’s the adorable and incredibly talented Keith Urban.

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2 Responses to Frizzy headed thinking

  1. joyknits says:

    Good luck with the pond job – at least it may give you a good excuse to play in the hose 😉 We’re having *major* fur issues here too, as Toby seems to be blowing lots & lots of fuzzy black coat – I’ve been trying to work on it some out on the deck where at least it’s outside, but his tolerance for the procedure isn’t unlimited. Try to stay as cool as you can!

  2. zeneedle says:

    Oh my, you have a big job ahead of you. I wish I could help as it sounds like a two grrl job! How fun to see Keith Urban! He’s such a doll. August is a beautiful time in Utah. Daily thunderstorms keep the afternoons cool and they skies are interesting. My biggest job is keeping Mox going and dealing with all the tomatoes from the garden. They’re getting overwhelming!

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