Wherein, I realize I truly am a lame blogger………

I went to the Bethel, MO “WORLD FIBER FESTIVAL” Saturday with my Peanut and my BSIL. It was 103F.  I kinda felt sick and was completely drenched in sweat.  BUT, I did get 4 oz. of roving.  Rambouillet.   I have not spun with Rambouillet and it felt so soft and it was such pretty tealish and grays.  That, plus the bunches of buttons from YarnGeek.  

Yet, not one picture.

The vendors that were there (and, there were quite a few less than we found 3 years ago) had great displays and were so generous with their knowledge and time.  I was sorry there wern’t more, but I was having trouble with the temps and humidity and imagine the vendors had to be completely miserable.  I can only hope they were able to stay hydrated and get cool when they needed to.  Sheesh.

So last night I was vegetating and knitting when we had a whopper wind/rain storm.  The temps must have dropped 2 or 3 degrees.  At least, we didn’t lose electricity until Sunday afternoon for about an hour.  I came home from church and had a bite of lunch and was using my 3 remaining brain cells to remember that I am cutting back on caffeine and that was probably the reason I was sleepy when the electricity went out.  It was 97 and the humidity was about 4 billion percent.  I explained to the Groverpup and Stinkycat that we were going to leave the doors shut to keep out the heat as long as we could.  They voiced some disagreement, but had to settle due to the opposable thumb issue.  That is, and always will be, my fallback stance.

I am knitting on a Christmas gift, finishing up the eternal Plume, and knitting Christmas warshrags.   I ordered soap from my Rachel.   I only got two soaps this time because I haven’t quite figured out how many I will need and I don’t want to order more than I need because it is so darned easy just to keep a bar for myself.   She has an octopus soad I think I might actually need.  I’m still having that internal argument.   We’ll see what side wins.  Please, don’t take any bets.

On that note, have a good one.  No soundtrack today.  I’ve been listening to classical music and it’s hard to find a good YouTube video for some of those.

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2 Responses to Wherein, I realize I truly am a lame blogger………

  1. zeneedle says:

    I could write a pictureless daily blog post about were I’ve been and what I’ve been doing because my camnisia is so strong. Life is for living and the blog is not the most important thing in our thoughts. Sorry you’re having such a heat wave. We’ve had a nice cool down the last couple of days and may have 3-4 drops of rain at some point today.

  2. joyknits says:

    Can’t wait to see the Rambouillet – it should be lovely stuff, though I haven’t had any in a long time (but then I haven’t been doing much spinning lately period ;/ ) Sorry about the power outage – did you at least get some rain? It totally went around us again, but at least the front dropped them temps and brought some lovely weather with it – the fur kidz should appreciate that too. Hugz!

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