I need a collar and leash for my wandering mind

It’s been several many days since I last posted. I was determined to finish Plume and finish her I did (finally)( just now).

IMG_0744I even had enough yarn left from Rachel’s Dyeabolical Yarns “Queen’s Tea”.

No modifications whatsoever.  I’m very happy with the completed shawl (sans blocking) and will share that with you when I get it blocked.  It’s a nice knit.  I hate to admit that every one of my knits contains enough profanity to open a bar on the docks.  I read about prayerful knitting and just wonder what kind of person I am that cusses that much at a wad of wool.  Yet, I feel that it is necessary to convey to the wool and pattern that I am in control.  I have tried acting dominant which does work to some extent with dogs, but it does not work with knitting.  Only profanity works from my long-time personal  experience.

I have to share a very dear (and, typical) story of my family life.  Today, I was getting ready to make pesto (it’s still not made) when I got a call from Peanut.  She was at the cemetary where my baby brother, Mom and Dad are all buried.  She couldn’t find their graves and I tried to talk her in (I am horrible at that kind of thing).  I finally offered to get Grover and take a ride to the cemetary to show her.  When I got there I was a bit disoriented myself.  A huge tree (my navigation point) had fallen right near the graves.  I should have taken a picture, but we know I didn’t even think about it.  On one side of this massive fallen tree were Mom’s and Dad’s graves and on the other was my little brother’s grave.  What I found so cool was that we both used trees as navigation points.  Since the cemetary is very old and so are the trees, we decided to use the Greek family’s monument as our navigation point from now on.  We are very adaptable.

I’ll make pesto this week.

Have a good Monday all.  How about some Van Morrison to send you into this week.

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2 Responses to I need a collar and leash for my wandering mind

  1. margene says:

    There is always something in life to distract us from our set goals. It pays to be flexible! XOXO

  2. Linda says:

    LOL! Cussing while knitting…..me too. I think it helps keep things in order; helps me think better!Husband says”where did you learn to talk like that?” I say….”my mother”. Runs in the family! Well…whatever it takes to get the job done, I say. Enjoy!

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