Ah, the Pissyfairy had been here

I have been away from the blog, processing a few things and trying to come up with something blogworthy. Yeah. I got nothin’. Still, that has never stopped me before, so here we go.
It’s winter and it’s not even the 21st of December. I awakened this morning to a balmy 8F. I know I’m not alone. It appears we are all in the deep freeze right now. I’m hoping this will do a good job of killing some of the extra insect life we accumulated last summer. I saw gnats around my porch light last week. Hopefully this will slow them down a tad.

Grover is confused.  We always always always go out for a walk first thing in the morning, but when the morning temp is 8, we are not venturing out the door.  We will go out around noon time when it’s supposed to warm up to about 20.  Still, he is confused and his entire morning schedule has been messed up.  Poor sweet boy.  Thankfully, Stinky has no schedule and doesn’t really care anyway.

I’ve been knitting on Christmas gifts so I have nothing to show.  It’s been hard to see any progress on any of it because I’m knitting two different gifts.  I should probably concentrate on one, finish it and then move to the next one, but I have home knitting and outside the home knitting, so I’m trying to mix it up a bit.

So, as you can see, I’m still dull as dirt.  I do have a picture of the table before Thanksgiving dinner.  This is my Great Grandma’s serving platter from the late 1800’s.  I do love this bit of the holiday.  The sharing of the ages.

Great Grandma Hudson's platterAnd, to top off the good taste.  I put up a new wreath this year.  I went to B*g L*ts and spent $13 and this is what is on my front door this year.

Xmas 2013It’s so tacky, but it makes me smile and it brightens up the bleak landscape.  I made it myself and it should be good for a year or so.  And, the only thing that matters is that it makes me smile.

Have a good one and my soundtrack for today?  Beaker singing “Ode to Joy”.  Enjoy.

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