Why did I come into the living room?

I just realized I’ve been away for 3 weeks. I’m not real certain how something like that happens, but to be fair, I’m easily confused anyway. We, like most of the nation, have been having winter. Named winter storms, even. I wonder if “they” think by naming the storms we’ll feel less hateful toward them. I don’t know about you, but it’s not working on my end.
I would show you pictures, but how many adorable GrovertheWonderpup shots in the snow do we need? I think he’s a bit tired of me, but he is doing his best to hide it.

I’m close to finishing my Christmas knitting (last Christmas) and will have a photo shoot when they are completed.  I would show you my fabulous hand knit (and, I think handspun) presents from our Cookie that were sent early for my birthday earlier in the month, but it’s either been too dark, too cold or just plain ugly to go outside and get decent (ha!) shots of them.  I will do that, as well, when the weather cooperates.  Those presents have gotten a workout since I received them.

One thing I’ve noticed while reading one of the most consistent bloggers this winter, is that our Margene  has not mentioned the lightening of the days yet this year.  I work until 5:30pm and it has not been absolutely dark when I leave the office.   The sunset comes about that time and I have seen one or two beautiful ones.  Of course, this being Middle Earth and it being February, that means one day a week.  Each day it lightens earlier in the morning and stays light a bit later in the day.  As for my snowdrops and crocii?  We still have a snowpack, so I haven’t seen a whit of spring here.  Maybe next week.  We are to get up to 50.  I’m so excited!!!!

So, ya’ll have a wonderful weekend.  Please keep Tucker in your prayers.  He’s a furbaby that I happen to adore and his Mom and Dad are very worried about him, as am I.  He is very sick.

My soundtrack for today?  Elvis Costello and Alan Hull’s “Winter Song”.

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3 Responses to Why did I come into the living room?

  1. Cookie says:

    Hai! 😀

    I don’t think I sent you anything hand-spun but I’m not totally sure what I sent, so who knows? Every single day I notice how it’s lighter longer and longer. Every single day I mutter to myself that I hope our Margene is enjoying this because I’m not.

  2. zeneedle says:

    I AM enjoying the longer days, but our days have been gray, warm but gray, and the lack of sun is getting to me! Even our biggest piles of snow have melted to nothing. I hate to report it is 60 today, but still GRAY! Sending this warmth your way. Lots of hugs, too. I’ll keep the fur baby in my prayers.

  3. Marilyn says:

    It’s snowing, blowing and cold yet again. It feels like we have a couple days of sun and 5 of greyness but that is probably an exaggeration. Naming a winter storm is silly in my book. The only people it might entertain is the person that picks the name.
    Hope you are having a good weekend!

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