My own worst enemy

rose thorn wound 4-6-14I have an owie.  I was pruning back the deadwood on the rose bush and it just attacked me.  I might have been a bit lippy with it, but I don’t believe I deserved what I got.  And, this looks better than it did an hour ago.  It was about 4X that size and dark purple.  I waited to see if my hand fell off and when it didn’t, I washed out the tiny puncture wound and tried to make it bleed a bit more to clean it out, then slammed a pack of peas on it from the freezer.  It really hurts.  I might be out for revenge if that stupid old rose bush doesn’t watch it.

We have had official Pissyfairy spring weather.  Mother Nature is having a tough labor this spring.  The skies have been amazing and the weather has been “an event”.  The local weatherdoofs are thrilled.  I have been dealing with it on a more basic level.  These two

Furbabiez 3-31-14The unsettled weather and the barometric pressure drops have made these two a bit anxious.  To cope with their worries, I added Rescue Remedy to their drinking water.  It helps, but they were extremely happy when this last batch of storms was long gone.  We ended up with 7″ of rain.  The back yard was completely under water for an entire day.  The bud, Grover, was not amused.

It’s been nice visiting, but I gotta scoot.  My new favoritist artist kind of musician, Joe Bonamassa with “Black Lung Heartache”.

Have a good one!!!!

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5 Responses to My own worst enemy

  1. heideho says:

    Holy venemous rose bush! That thing bit you good. Hope it’s better soon and if not, don’t hesitate to get it looked at. The weather is so dreadfully winterish that I fear for crops across the nation. Love to you and the critters.

  2. crafterscupboard says:

    Holy moly! That is one mean rose bush! Hope it heals up fast. Hugs and kisses to you all. 🙂

  3. zeneedle says:

    Watch the wound. You never know what the wicked bush has stored inside its thorns. I hear we have 75 degree weather ahead! We’re SO ready for some sun and warmth. Joe was just here in SLC. Cheryl saw him, but sadly, we did not.

  4. Marilyn says:

    Now that doesn’t look so good…a doctor trip in the list of things to do?
    Sorry about the rain. That’s a little much all at once!

  5. joyknits says:

    Hope the rose injury is improving! You’ll need to stay away from mine, especially the heritage one which has THE most thorns I’ve ever seen on 1 rose. Cats haven’t been at all impressed with the weather, but Toby was really freaked last week. Hugs!

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