Culling the herd the wrong way.

I’ve been pond mucking, removing and relining and restocking. As we all know, I know how to have a great time.

IMG_0779It still looks pretty much like this, but now there are fish.  I bought 10.  Lost 2 to old age or illness.  Lost 3 more some other way.  Attrition can be brutal.  I believe either the racoons, owls, hawks, or who knows who have been at it.  I finally went to buy water plants.

L*we’s nor H*ome D*pot have anything at all like that.  I even checked with Wallyworld.,  Nada.  Finally, I was talking to Chris and Karen at church this morning and they told me about a pond place nearer.  I looked it up on my smart phone (thank you smartphones) and proceeded there after church.  I got my plants, came home and put them in.  We’ll see how effective they are at protecting my idiot fish.  I will post pics of the water plants after they have made themselves tohome.    Right now they’re on their sides and look just sad.

Have a good one!  My soundtrack for today?  “Don’t Let the Rain Come Down” because we are currently having our monsoon season.

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4 Responses to Culling the herd the wrong way.

  1. heideho says:

    IF you have time and the opportunity arises (or in this case a fish rises) I would love to see a picture of your pond with plants and critters! Some day I want to have a pond and a fountain. Love you!

  2. zeneedle says:

    Monsoon season? Winter just ended, or so it seems. Hope your pond comes together and all the flora and fauna live together happily ever after! xox

  3. Marilyn says:

    Hope everyone gets settled and happy asap! And that the owls, raccoons etc leave everything alone. It’s gonna be wonderful!

  4. Cookie says:

    So much work! Hopefully, it was worth it. How many fish do you have left now? *L*

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