Planned Obsolescence in Knitted Gifts

Happy New Year one and all.  I just finished the Christmas gift socks for my BSIL.  I knit them with her healing in mind.  She had that foot surgery last winter that she endured with great presence.  In fact, her entire family did.  Anyway, her right foot is still bigger than her left because she is still healing and will be for quite some time.  Well, I decided to knit her socks anyway, but planned on knitting one sock quite a bit bigger than the other so that she could wear hand knit socks even though her feet weren’t the same size.  I wrote the date I started (March 8, 2014) and the date finished (December 31, 2014).  There is no reason it took me that long, but it did.  I’m very pleased with the finished product.

IMG_0782Of course, it’s too dark.  The yarn is Dyeabolical Flowershop Inferno.  Always a joy to knit and it’s a party of colors in a sock.  There are two different sizes.  One for her left foot is a medium and the one for the healing foot, her right, is large.  So that it’s easy to tell the difference I put a little bow on the side of the big one.  This pair will not be used in a year or so, and I’m fine with that.  I just wanted her to have some love on her feet while she continues to heal.

I’m gonna mosey on along right now.  You either love her or hate her, but I love her.  Here she is singing Sting’s “If I Ever Lose My Faith”.

Have a good one!

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4 Responses to Planned Obsolescence in Knitted Gifts

  1. Rachel says:

    What a thoughtful gift!

  2. zeneedle says:

    You ARE thoughtful and so smart to think of knitting two sizes. May your BSIL wear them to good health!!
    Happy New Year to you, dear one!

  3. Marilyn says:

    What a great idea! Hope your BSIL heals quickly.
    Happy New Year!

  4. crafterscupboard says:

    I sure she will really appreciate them!

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