Memorial Day 2015

My flag is out and I have been thinking of the true sadness of this day for so very many. My family was blessed. My uncles came home from WWII and so did my Dad. I lost no friends in Viet Nam (although several came home with addiction and PTSD). Yet, the pain of this day for so many families and friends cannot be assuaged by hanging out flags. I wish to God we could just leave our young to grow old and not die in foreign lands.  Yet, if they hadn’t we would not have our freedom today.  Six years ago, we said our final goodbye to Mom, as well.  Her passing was not a tragedy.  She had a life so very well lived and loved.  Still, she died on May 25, 2009, on a Memorial Day weekend Monday, just like today.  I am so very grateful for the time we had with her, not sad at all, and, that she and Dad prepared us so well for this life.

I have not knit a stitch in a week.  I am weeding like the true whack job I am.  I am sore and stiff and happy as a clam.  I planted a few flowers in pots for the deck and have decided that I need to make part of my old vegetable garden into a flower garden.  I’m pretty sure that this is a stage of crazy, but don’t care.  I did buy my hanging flowers for the front porch (my yearly splurge) and am madly in the love with them.  IMG_0785Aren’t they pretty?  I have no idea what they are, but I was told by the lady that sold them to me that they are in the petunia family.  And, my pansies are still lovely, but starting to get a bit leggy.IMG_0786I guess I best mosey off to the garden now.  I will leave you with my soundtrack for today.

Great rendition of a great song.  Have a good one!!!


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2 Responses to Memorial Day 2015

  1. zeneedle says:

    Is it truly 5 years? Time seems to fly. I’m know you miss your mom every day. My heart still goes out to you over her loss. I miss mine, too and she’s been gone 25 years. I replanted my pots this weekend, too. My orange pansies were beautiful, but just starting to sag. Planted with marigolds and geraniums. xox

  2. joyknits says:

    Doesn’t seem like 5 years – many hugs! I have some of those little flowers too – mine are pink & white, in an hanging basket with red petunias and red & white verbena. Don’t think I’ll exactly turn my veggie garden into a flower garden, but usually do plant flowers in amongst ’em – last year the Lilliput zinnias practically overwhelmed the peppers 😉

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