Cool weekend

We have had another cool wet weekend. No complaining from here. This is St. Louis. The minute the rain stops, the heat and humidity will grow. My hair is frizzy enough as it is. I don’t need heat.
Yesterday, I went to the Ferguson Farmer’s Market (which I adore) and picked up my share of the CSA.  I think I love this.  I had always wanted to join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) because it is supporting small local farmers and I wanted to get all over that.  There are a few here in St. Louis, but Earth Dance Farms was the most affordable for me and the most appealing, plus it’s in Ferguson.  I also like that I have to volunteer 4 hours per season as a member.  This weekend was my third weekend of the season for bountiful organic and delicious food.  The first week I got a small bouquet, some radishes, about 2 lbs. of spinach and some swiss chard.  Last week I got kale, more spinach, 4 carrots, radishes, 4 little beets and some gorgeous red leaf lettuce.  This week, I got some more spinach with a little chard mixed in, fabulous spicy radishes, carrots and a purple kohlrabi.  I also got sorrel.  I need to check on how you fix that.  I haven’t ever had Carrot/Kohlrabi Bounty 2015

sorrel before (that I can remember).  I cut the carrots up and the kohlrabi and roasted them.  They are wonderful.  The kohlrabi and carrots were pretty darned delicious raw, too.

Have a great weekend, all.  Here’s my soundtrack for today.

A sweet song by a mega-talent.  Ms. Joni Mitchell.    Have a good one!!!


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