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Party ambiance

There was a large party for the baby of our family.  She just graduated from high school and her Mom and Dad gave her a really nice party last weekend at their lovely home.  The party included the above chickens … Continue reading

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Old Habits Die Hard

Only a couple of posts back in and I am already forgetting to take pictures again. I may not be brilliant, but I am dependable.  Still, I wish I had thought to take a picture of the gorgeous beets and … Continue reading

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Cool weekend

We have had another cool wet weekend. No complaining from here. This is St. Louis. The minute the rain stops, the heat and humidity will grow. My hair is frizzy enough as it is. I don’t need heat. Yesterday, I … Continue reading

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Memorial Day 2015

My flag is out and I have been thinking of the true sadness of this day for so very many. My family was blessed. My uncles came home from WWII and so did my Dad. I lost no friends in … Continue reading

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Back in the saddle again

I actually had a request from Rachel of Dyeabolical fame to blog again. I was stunned and quite flattered. So, how ya been? I have been pretty good.  I have been busy(ish).  Not too busy to blog, but too dull. … Continue reading

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Planned Obsolescence in Knitted Gifts

Happy New Year one and all.  I just finished the Christmas gift socks for my BSIL.  I knit them with her healing in mind.  She had that foot surgery last winter that she endured with great presence.  In fact, her … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!!

Hope this finds you well and happy.

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I’ve been away for some time now.

It’s been an interesting, eventful and sometimes sad late summer into fall. As some of you know, I live in St. Louis, MO. I am about 7-10 miles away from the community of Ferguson which became infamous in the media. … Continue reading

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Summer in Middle Earth

  It has been a pretty spectacular summer so far here in Middle Earth. We are hot today, but we have had some pretty gorgeous days in the 80’s, so whining is not allowed. I signed up for the Tour … Continue reading

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Culling the herd the wrong way.

I’ve been pond mucking, removing and relining and restocking. As we all know, I know how to have a great time. It still looks pretty much like this, but now there are fish.  I bought 10.  Lost 2 to old … Continue reading

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