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Cool weekend

We have had another cool wet weekend. No complaining from here. This is St. Louis. The minute the rain stops, the heat and humidity will grow. My hair is frizzy enough as it is. I don’t need heat. Yesterday, I … Continue reading

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Memorial Day 2015

My flag is out and I have been thinking of the true sadness of this day for so very many. My family was blessed. My uncles came home from WWII and so did my Dad. I lost no friends in … Continue reading

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Culling the herd the wrong way.

I’ve been pond mucking, removing and relining and restocking. As we all know, I know how to have a great time. It still looks pretty much like this, but now there are fish.  I bought 10.  Lost 2 to old … Continue reading

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My own worst enemy

I have an owie.  I was pruning back the deadwood on the rose bush and it just attacked me.  I might have been a bit lippy with it, but I don’t believe I deserved what I got.  And, this looks … Continue reading

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The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.  And, yes, indeedy do, that’s what we have been doing.  I have had over 7″ of rain in two weeks.  See?It’s wet.  We had a bout of heat, but the past few days have been wonderful, so … Continue reading

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Now, what did I come in here for?

It’s been forever since I posted a real blog post.   There was the zombie squirrel issue which resolved itself without incident.  I was a bit disappointed, but, alas, nothing happened.  And,I have been knitting. It’s the Zoom Baby Cardigan pattern … Continue reading

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I was cruising and decided to stop by and say hello

Hello. How are you doing? It’s the end of the rough long work week, but all is good. We even had this yesterday and this morning. What a difference a day makes.  We still have snow on the ground (and … Continue reading

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You got yer corn fed beef over here, and yer grain fed …..

That is a real line that I remember hearing on a news show many years ago.  I can still hear the man saying the words, and they still crack me up.  For review.  I’m easy to amuse.  I think it … Continue reading

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Clever titles escape me (BUT IT’S FRIDAY!!!!!!!)

Good morning.  It is another beautiful Friday morning here in Middle Earth.  OK.  It’s cloudy and rainy and feels a bit like late September, but it’s Friday so it’s beautiful.  My standards drop exponentially as we get closer to the … Continue reading

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Thursday sans Dog

I’m bad about the Dogs on Thursday posts. I forget or forget to take pictures of the boy. He’s too large to “catch” in a cute pose. He’s his cutest when he’s leaning on you trying to snuggle under your … Continue reading

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