Oh, no, Mr. Bill. It’s Random Wednesday

OK.  There were a few comments about  “Pirate Ships” yesterday, so I did some more research.  It is actually a song by Wendy Waldman.  I had only heard it as a lullaby and had sung it to my nieces when they were very very very small (I’m not that confident), so I was surprised that it was written in the ’70’s.  I found a version, but it was the only one, and I know it at a bit livelier tempo.  Not fast, but not so dirge like.  So, here’s today’s soundtrack.

It’s still very pretty, don’t you think?  As I recall, I heard Judy Collins sing it.  But, my memory, like so many other parts of me, is very faulty.  So, don’t hold me to it.

I have no knitting to report today.  I have been working on the last of my Christmas knitting.  Oh, who am I fooling.  It’s not the last, but it’s very close to the last.  I hope.  I think.

I’ll let you know.

I have raked no leaves.  Our maple tree is still loaded and our neighbor’s are loaded, too.  I still have to cut the grass one more time.  In other words, I’m just a bit behind.  I have swept our deck eleventy hundred times and bagged those leaves, but the actual yard part of the yard?  Not a bit.  And, I need to do it, because what little grass we have needs to be uncovered.  Our yard is not the forest floor.  I’m totally in favor of the leaves covering the forest floor.  I also do not want our perennials to be smothered.  A mulch of cut up leaves is one thing.  A cover of wet sticky leaves isn’t so good.   So, if the weather permits, I will be working outside this weekend trying to get our yard to look like someone lives there other than the Grimm Brothers.  And, yes, thank you, that was a vague and bizarre reference.

My cell phone contract was up in July.  I don’t want to sign up again if I don’t have to.  I hate two year contracts.  I don’t even like most phones now and I can’t text to save my life.  I need lessons.  My nieces laugh at me.  I’m not against technology, but I do believe it is holding a grudge against me.  So, until somebody offers me a free (but extremely cool looking) phone, I’m holding out.

This week is shopping for Thanksgiving week.  I grocery shop on Friday.  I suppose it makes sense to buy the turkey then and pull it out of the freezer on Sunday.  Just one small problem.  Our freezer is too small for a 20 pound turkey.  So, I’ll probably go shopping on Sunday and do it all then.  I hate shopping on Sunday.  It’s a personal pissiness thing, but I guess I’ll have to suck it up and go.  I wonder what frozen turkeys will go for this year.  Last year it was .57/pound.  I’ll bet we’ll be lucky to get them for .75/pound.

I have told you before that I have “Blitherer’s Disease”.  I think it’s hereditary.  I know that it hasn’t skipped a generation in my family.  I don’t know who the carrier was.  It might have been my Dad since he’s not here to defend himself.  I have it and I know that my niece, Lil Bit, has it.  Thank goodness, Peanut was spared.  She has the sense to shut up.  Neither Lil Bit or I have the sense God gave gravel, so we go on and on well past the time an intelligent person would shutthehellup! Still, I think it can be endearing if the listener is drinking or heavily medicated.

I do believe this qualifies as random  If not, you might write a letter to the editor.  Or, not.

Have a good one!

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4 Responses to Oh, no, Mr. Bill. It’s Random Wednesday

  1. margene says:

    At least it was a good read. Don’t remember that song, but it was a nice listen. Grocery shopping in general is my most hated chore. The dairy (who know delivers almost anything) comes once a week, Costco provides (we do shop) most of our meat and other necessities. That means I only need go to the grocery for a supply of veggies and I can do that quickly.

  2. marianne says:

    I find it’s very helpful if the listener also has the disease :^D (therefore this was a very good Listen!)
    Nice melody but I couldn’t really make out much of the lyrics, still it was quite pleasant listening to whilst listening to you (yes, that’s how I read).
    Pesky leaves and yeah, I’m with you, when I mow I bag the mulched leaves and grass clippings to use back into the beds.
    I rather like the idea of having a forest floor though. in my yard.
    I always market on Sunday mornings with my mom, it’s our ‘thing’ and although I don’t always enjoy getting up and out the door that early (!!!) hardly anyone else is there and it goes fairly quickly. I’m just not into prolonged pain of any kind. (plus we share a breakfast at a little neighborhood diner so we’re not hungry at the market, works out alright)
    Good Wednesday to you!

  3. emicat says:

    Thanks for finding that song – I couldn’t make out parts of the lyrics either, but the melody is nice. I still think you should’ve busted out with a video rendition of yours though 😉

    I hate those stinking 2 year contracts too. It’s like, c’mon, I’ve been with you guys for all these years and you’re still making me extend for 2 years??? What happened to extending one year for crying out loud? So yeah…. you’re not the only one.

    I plan to do my grocery shopping probably early Saturday morning. Get out and about before it gets too crazy out there.

  4. heideho says:

    Hey there! I hate contracts too. The only thing worse than a contract is when a business insists on having automatic withdrawls from your checking or savings account. You don’t blither. Our front yard is a slimy mess right now. Hopefully it’ll get taken care of this weekend. I hope that Thanksgiving planning goes well.

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