Memorial Day 2015

My flag is out and I have been thinking of the true sadness of this day for so very many. My family was blessed. My uncles came home from WWII and so did my Dad. I lost no friends in Viet Nam (although several came home with addiction and PTSD). Yet, the pain of this day for so many families and friends cannot be assuaged by hanging out flags. I wish to God we could just leave our young to grow old and not die in foreign lands.  Yet, if they hadn’t we would not have our freedom today.  Six years ago, we said our final goodbye to Mom, as well.  Her passing was not a tragedy.  She had a life so very well lived and loved.  Still, she died on May 25, 2009, on a Memorial Day weekend Monday, just like today.  I am so very grateful for the time we had with her, not sad at all, and, that she and Dad prepared us so well for this life.

I have not knit a stitch in a week.  I am weeding like the true whack job I am.  I am sore and stiff and happy as a clam.  I planted a few flowers in pots for the deck and have decided that I need to make part of my old vegetable garden into a flower garden.  I’m pretty sure that this is a stage of crazy, but don’t care.  I did buy my hanging flowers for the front porch (my yearly splurge) and am madly in the love with them.  IMG_0785Aren’t they pretty?  I have no idea what they are, but I was told by the lady that sold them to me that they are in the petunia family.  And, my pansies are still lovely, but starting to get a bit leggy.IMG_0786I guess I best mosey off to the garden now.  I will leave you with my soundtrack for today.

Great rendition of a great song.  Have a good one!!!


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Back in the saddle again

I actually had a request from Rachel of Dyeabolical fame to blog again. I was stunned and quite flattered. So, how ya been? I have been pretty good.  I have been busy(ish).  Not too busy to blog, but too dull. I have been knitting a bit since January.  Winter wasn’t horrible, but dull.  I think I had a serious case of ennui and couldn’t shake it.  Part of my problem (and, I have just one or two of those)is that I find my life wonderful, but not always interesting.  And, if I don’t find it interesting, I can’t make it interesting in the blog. Work is fine.  Home is fine.  Stinky is fine.  Sassy.  Fine.  Grover is fine.  He is now 10 years old.  I haven’t told him, so he doesn’t realize he’s that old.  He still thinks he’s a young pup and wants to gogogo, but runs out of gasgasgas.  Just like me! Yesterday I went to the World’s Smallest Craft Fair.  It was delightful.  So much talent and so many tempting things.  I was big on desire and short of funds.  I came out wanting all of it, but settling for these from Rachel.



The yarn is just as squishy as it looks and I got a finger row counter.  I have wanted the row counter for years and I love the colors of the yarn.  It will be a hat.

The bouquet?  It came from the Ferguson Farmers Market yesterday.  The market is still going and growing.  I was also able to get my honey while there. Today I went to church, but couldn’t sing because of a lingering upper respiratory infection.  I’m a baritone that squeaks today.  After church, a group of us went to an Indian restaurant buffet.  I really enjoyed it.  I am a bit of an Indian food novice, so it was all new and interesting, except for the naan which I am very familiar with.  Then, I wandered home to do laundry.

I plan on posting once a week, or if by some bizarre accident something gets really interesting.  And, with that, I bid you a good week and wonderful soundtrack.

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Planned Obsolescence in Knitted Gifts

Happy New Year one and all.  I just finished the Christmas gift socks for my BSIL.  I knit them with her healing in mind.  She had that foot surgery last winter that she endured with great presence.  In fact, her entire family did.  Anyway, her right foot is still bigger than her left because she is still healing and will be for quite some time.  Well, I decided to knit her socks anyway, but planned on knitting one sock quite a bit bigger than the other so that she could wear hand knit socks even though her feet weren’t the same size.  I wrote the date I started (March 8, 2014) and the date finished (December 31, 2014).  There is no reason it took me that long, but it did.  I’m very pleased with the finished product.

IMG_0782Of course, it’s too dark.  The yarn is Dyeabolical Flowershop Inferno.  Always a joy to knit and it’s a party of colors in a sock.  There are two different sizes.  One for her left foot is a medium and the one for the healing foot, her right, is large.  So that it’s easy to tell the difference I put a little bow on the side of the big one.  This pair will not be used in a year or so, and I’m fine with that.  I just wanted her to have some love on her feet while she continues to heal.

I’m gonna mosey on along right now.  You either love her or hate her, but I love her.  Here she is singing Sting’s “If I Ever Lose My Faith”.

Have a good one!

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!!

Hope this finds you well and happy.

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I’ve been away for some time now.

It’s been an interesting, eventful and sometimes sad late summer into fall. As some of you know, I live in St. Louis, MO. I am about 7-10 miles away from the community of Ferguson which became infamous in the media. I haven’t really known how to respond on the blog because like so many others, I’m not sure anyone will ever know the “truth” and feel the media has treated St. Louis, like so many other places and people, like the latest shiny new toy. Play with us, report inaccuracies and downright lies mingled with the truth, then move on to the next new shiny toy. In this case, it’s Ebola.  I will not attempt to explain the events in Ferguson that day because I don’t know.   That being said, I also spent every Sunday afternoon for 10 weeks or so visiting my BSIL’s mother in hospice.  It was bittersweet for me.  My BSIL’s mother was difficult at times when she was strong and healthy, but when her health began to decline she softened and was so dear.  I took her flowers and up until the final two weeks, she brightened when she saw them.  I have no regrets and was grateful when she was able to finally move on into her next great journey in mid-September.

Now, for the important stuff.  My refrigerator died.  Not life altering by any means, but still a pain in the rear.  After it died, I measured the space.  Twice.  I went and looked at refrigerators in the store.  I measured the one I wanted.  Twice.  It was delivered to my house two days later.  It didn’t fit.  Now, I might have been upset years ago when I wasn’t knitting, but now?  I know knitter’s can’t count so I just chalked it up to life as a knitter.  Now, a cabinet must be removed today.  And, it shall be.  Grover and I have to walk into the kitchen single file.

I have been knitting.  I was spinning a bit when my Peanut came over and asked if she could spin on my Joy and I said, sure!   There’s about 8″ left on the unspun fiber and she hasn’t finished it yet.  Little Stinker!

I hope to blog a bit more often.  I miss everyone’s updates, except Margene who faithfully updates, and Joan,  and Cookie, too.  I’m afraid I am the cause of the loss of a blog friendship due to communication error.  I am still sorry about that one, but cannot correct it because the line was severed.   Have a good one, all!

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Summer in Middle Earth


It has been a pretty spectacular summer so far here in Middle Earth. We are hot today, but we have had some pretty gorgeous days in the 80’s, so whining is not allowed. I signed up for the Tour de Fleece once again with Team Cranky Pants and Team Dyeabolical Yarns. So far, I have fixed the drive band on the spinning wheel. Ripped the old spinning off the bobbins. I fear leaving the spun fiber on the bobbins for 3 years glued it all together. It currently looks like this.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI was so put out by that stupid fiber (not Dave’s fault) that I just wadded it up and threw it away.  You can tell I didn’t even care if the picture was in focus.  So, now, I’m beginning on this.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERARachel’s Dyeabolical Falkland fiber in the Ricky colorway.  I love it.  There will be more pictures when I actually have something on the bobbin to show you.

We have also been moulting here.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThis is just a small sample of the fur the pup has been shedding since June.  I have it everywhere, inside and outside.  Tonythegrasscuttingguy is absolutely stunned by the sheer volume of it.  I take piles of it out to the garden area and just put it down there for the birds and animals to take.  The rug is a constant mess.  I’d blame it all on Grover, but Stinky adds her fair share.  Today, the boy went for a bath and day at camp.  He is exhausted, of course, but, happy.

I had to get a different car.  Frank, the Buick, had a case of terminal old crappy car disease, so he had to go.   I purchased a small used SUV thinking that the pup could get in and out without too much trouble.  Of course, I was wrong.  It is quite a distance for a 9 year old giant breed dog to go, so I bought him a ramp to get in and out of the car.  I also remembered that he is a guard dog breed so training was going to require the Steak ‘n Shake cheese Steakburger training method.  It only took 3 cheeseburgers to get him trained to use it and now he’s a champ.  He looks adorable in the cargo hold behind the seats.  He’s also quite a bit safer in that area.

Well, that’s what I’ve been up to.  Not particularly exciting, but that is how my life goes and I’m just okey-dokey with it.

Have a good one!!!


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Culling the herd the wrong way.

I’ve been pond mucking, removing and relining and restocking. As we all know, I know how to have a great time.

IMG_0779It still looks pretty much like this, but now there are fish.  I bought 10.  Lost 2 to old age or illness.  Lost 3 more some other way.  Attrition can be brutal.  I believe either the racoons, owls, hawks, or who knows who have been at it.  I finally went to buy water plants.

L*we’s nor H*ome D*pot have anything at all like that.  I even checked with Wallyworld.,  Nada.  Finally, I was talking to Chris and Karen at church this morning and they told me about a pond place nearer.  I looked it up on my smart phone (thank you smartphones) and proceeded there after church.  I got my plants, came home and put them in.  We’ll see how effective they are at protecting my idiot fish.  I will post pics of the water plants after they have made themselves tohome.    Right now they’re on their sides and look just sad.

Have a good one!  My soundtrack for today?  “Don’t Let the Rain Come Down” because we are currently having our monsoon season.

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Just a peek in

Hello. I know. What has come over me? I have moments (pretty much like everyone) and have used them for productive things like picking up and tidying. Lately? Not so much. I have a tidy house or friends. I’m choosing friends. I haven’t given up on the house, but I need to make a birthday party fruit pizza and the damn butter won’t soften so that I can get the cookie part baked, so I am taking those moments to peek in and say “hey”.

My baby grrrlz invited me to their apartment for dinner this evening to celebrate my Peanut’s birthday.  I’m so excited!  I have to bring the berry pizza for dessert (with the proper birthday candles), but other than that it might be a winging it kinda meal.  I don’t care.  That’s how I live anymore.  Big plans are for holidays only in my life.  Too many missed opportunities if everything is a big production.

Peanut asked me to get her the Phat Fiber May fiber selection for her present.  I had not done that before.  Waiting until 10:00 a.m. to buy the selection on a particular day.  WOW.  It’s pretty smart marketing, but I was worried I wouldn’t get it and have nothing for her present.   It seems that sometimes the selections are gone in a real hurry.  This one was “Horse of a Different Color” and I was able to get it for her.  Can’t wait to see it and I have no idea when it will ship.

I am sharing  pictures of my Stinky today.IMG_0267IMG_0268Her encounter with a curious and brazen squirrel.  She was fascinated, but not particularly “hunterly” or “predatory” toward the varmint.  My vapid kitty.  I do love her.

I will send you on way with my soundtrack.  Today it is  “You’re a Very Lovely Woman” by the Merry-Go-Round.  A favorite of mine.

Have a great weekend!!!

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Our blackberry winter

I’m back. It’s 55 and rainy. I feel like I live in London……..or, the Northwest. Yet, it was 87 only just yesterday. I heard someone refer to this as our blackberry winter. It is a colloquialism from hereabouts. It’s a cold snap in late spring. We are nothing if not folksy.

I kinda forgot to call the lawn guy last week, so my grass is going to seed after the lovely rain and cooler temps.  He’s gonna love me.  Thankfully, he’s a sweet guy.  Still, it’s cold and wet out there.  I just peaked out hoping the pup would go and take care of business when I saw something fly by soundlessly.  It was too small to be an owl, so I’m pretty sure it was a bat.  They are a good thing.  They consume massive amounts of mosquitoes.  If I don’t get my pond relined pretty soon, it’s gonna be an awful cesspool out there.  I am off next weekend for 5 days in a row and no matter if it’s rainy or cool or snowing, I will be relining the pond.  I need to get it seasoned so I can put the goldfish in before it gets hideously hot, and you don’t want goldfish in an unseasoned pond.  They tend to die.

See, I can post more than once in a blue moon (folksy, remember?).  My soundtrack for today is “He’s a Tramp” by Peggy Lee.  Enjoy.

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Beyond the fringe…

Hello. It’s good to see you all. I’ve been away. Away as in not here, not actually out of the state, country or universe. I lost my mojo for the blog and have spent a good deal of time outside working on the back 40. It’s improving, but damn, there’s still a lot of work to do. I just finished spreading 8 bags of mulch and need about 6 more. That will come another day. I’m sore and tired and just took a shower so it ain’t happening today.
Next week or the week after. I want to get it done. It has been such a huge relief not to have to cut my own grass. I lost so much time recovering each week. Not because it’s so hard on me. We all know I’m a beast. It’s the allergy to grass that kicks my butt.

I’m currently knitting on my DSIL’s Christmas gift so no pics.  I love it and am enjoying the process and the product.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.  One of my least favorite holidays.  It was my Mom’s least favorite holiday.  She thought it insufferable.  I miss her.  Every single day.  Yet, I’m ok with her death.  I just finally came to the realization that I will miss her for the rest of my life.  I do not believe in heaven (I am a Christian, but it’s “eternal life” not heaven).  I believe our souls will meet again and we will know instantly that we mean something very special to each other.  If you are a Mom,  have a good day.  If you aren’t or you have lost your Mom, too, then remember with love or whatever emotion you have for your Mom.  It gets complicated.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThis is one of my favorite pictures of her with her big baby boy, Groverthewonderdog.

My soundtrack is “Fever” by Rita Moreno and Animal.

Have a good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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