If it’s cold, is it still Friday?

No.  It’s “Cold Friday”!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  I crack me up. I got called on the carpet yesterday for reporting the temps at 17F.  OK.  Not called on the carpet, but Joy, who lives pretty darned close to me, I think, said she was at 0 degrees  Thursday morning.  Well, so was I, but I was mad about it so I didn’t want to type that.  Besides, we only have 6 more weeks of hard winter and then spring will start.  I’m already there.  I’m cold.  But, I am already there.

So, you got big plans for the weekend?  We are having a “Merry Unbirthday” party for Peanut.  Her birthday is May 17 and Saturday is January 17, sooooooo we’re having an unbirthday party with a couple of silly little gifts and an unbirthday cake and everything else that is silly and not winter related.  It’ll just be Mom, BB, BSIL, Peanut, her boyfriend “P” , David and me.  It’ll be fun.  I need to stock up on wine and beer.  And, I need to bake a cake.  It’ll be fun and will help to keep the darkness at bay for a little while.

No new knitting to report.  I’ve been sorta busy with this stupid digital television thing.  I had to get a digital antenna for Mom’s little t.v. and then install that damned thing and the converter.  Only $60 later and this low cost improvement is complete.  Dumbasses in Congress.

So, I need to know what you all are doing this weekend.  It doesn’t have to be special.  I’m just nosey;-)

And, my soundtrack for the day?  You had to ask?  How unDisn*y of you.

The Mad Hatter, March Hare, and Alice with “A Very Merry Unbirthday”

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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10 Responses to If it’s cold, is it still Friday?

  1. sophanne says:

    No big plans- though the unbirthday sounds fun. Mr. Sophanne’s birthday is May 4- I could unbirthday him. .. hmm.

    Maybe I”ll just keep knitting. He’s not so great at surprises.

  2. margene says:

    I plan to do as little as possible! Maybe knit and spin. Enjoy your party it sounds wonderful! TGIF!

  3. heideho says:

    Brrr! I’m thinking warm thoughts for you. Hope the Unbirthday party is a smashing success. Happy Friday!

  4. marianne says:

    Merry Unbirthday to Peanut! sounds like good times.
    This weekend? damage control, knitting, NOT coming down with whatever Gracie’s had.
    Brrrrr. Here’s to some warming up, and I hate to say it but I’m not quite ready for Spring (which turns to Summer really quickly around here and I’m just not ready for the yard work).
    Happy Friday and Happy Weekend to you and yours.

  5. Emiko says:

    You’re so funny stretching the truth about how cold it really was there – silly gal! 😉

    I will be doing a little knitting to see if I can get one mitt done, but most of the time will probably be spent moving furniture around in the living room and garage to accommodate my boyfriend’s eldest son for a month. One of his roommates flaked out on their bachelor pad, so he’s going to look for a place on his own next time – I don’t blame him.

    It’s going to be an adjustment, but hey, we were all young once and have to learn one way or another.

    Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

  6. Annie says:

    What kind of cake are you baking?

    It’s supposed to go above zero this weekend, so we might actually get off the farm for the first time in weeks. I’m going a little stir crazy. Cabin fever has hit big time.

  7. Joy says:

    Whaddya mean, called on the carpet – nothing close, just askin’ was all 😉 The unbirthday party sounds like a really neat thing to do – enjoy!

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  9. Nora says:

    Don’t you love all the money being spent on the stupid TV thing given everything else going on in this country?

    It defies understanding.

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