Mid-week randoming. Complete sentence?

In my little corner of the world it is. Of course, in my little corner of the world I am the most popular girl in my class. I also have long straight blonde  hair and freckles. I’m 5’8″ tall and lithe. Laugh if you must, but this is my little corner of the world.  I can be whatever I wish.

The rain has stopped for the moment.   Yesterday was simply glorious.  The first day in nine days since we started this rain that we did not have a drop.   It was a loverly day.  I came home from work and changed and went out to cut the grass.  I knew it had grown, but it was over 6″ long.  People.  It was hard to cut and wet as all get out.  I probably should have tried to let it dry out one more day, but I won’t be home tonight and it’s supposed to rain again tomorrow.  The newspaper said that we were still low for the year in rainfall, but I’m wondering why we have to catch up all at one time?   Stupid weather.

I have not picked up the Milkweed.  Well, yes I did.  I picked it up and tinked it back again.   Then, I set it down and turned the heel on a sock that I carry around for “waiting knitting”.   I plan on picking it up again in the next day or so.  Instead of knitting last night, I spun.  I’m in training for the Tour de Fleece.  I might have mentioned being on Team Crankypants.  We are loud and proud and just a tad strange.  My kind of people.

These are my wounded soldiers.  My irises that have been beaten down by the rain.  This was before I cut the grass.  I tried to prop them up, but they are too top heavy so they just fell back down.

I’m on a Pentangle jag, so here they are again.  This is my all-time favorite song by them.  I’ve heard it done by others, but this is, by far, the best.   “House Carpenter”

Have a great one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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5 Responses to Mid-week randoming. Complete sentence?

  1. margene says:

    The rain came out way yesterday and might be around this weekend. We’re a little sick of it, too. You have a great one, grrl!

  2. marianne says:

    We had a glorious day yesterday so yes, I tackled this yard. It’s dark this morning, bit of lightening and thunder, I need to mow mom’s yard so I wish it’d just rain already and make it an official no yard work day.
    Hah, we’re nearly twins in your little corner of the world! only I’m a little taller, with auburn hair that does have a bit of curl ;^)

    now I’m going to kick back for a few and enjoy House Carpenter. xox

  3. joyknits says:

    Poor iris – the only one I picked and brought inside looked like your yellow ones. The wind literally snapped it off at the base.

    I just now cut Toby’s yard and a bit more – would have loved to wait another day, but it didn’t sound like that would be an option. Happy Wednesday!

  4. Cookie says:

    If you think we’re strange now, you’re in for an eye-full by the end of the Tour. :p


  5. heideho says:

    Poor little flowers! The rain and wind have wreaked havoc on the flora here too. You’re 5’8″? I’m only 5′ 7 1/2″ myself (when I’m asleep or Sven is visiting). I feel neglectful and a bit behind the times because I’m not sure what Milkweed is. Time to read back further and catch up.

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